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Meeting to Sign Petition regarding Future of Medical Facilities in Newtown Area

Newtown & Eildon Community Council

The Community Council would like to invite ALL who use the Eildon Medical Practice to the Community Wing, Newtown St Boswells on the 19th September 2018 (6pm 9pm) where we ask you to sign our petitioning letter to the NHS.
This will help guarantee the future of the Health Centre and Practice in Newtown.

We have compiled a standard letter for all patients willing to sign that will act s the petition to help protect the Health centre/GP practice in Newtown. The letters will then be delivered to Dr Cliff Sharp to help show the need for a new building and that, until it is complete, the continued operation of the existing practice for all who use it.

If you use the Eildon Medical Practice, regardless of where you live, then please come and sign the letter. The more letters we have the better it illustrates what we are asking for and what the NHS must make sure happens!

Members of the Newtown & Eildon Community Council who attended the recent NHS Appraisal meeting will be in attendance to share what happened that day and to answer any questions you may have.

If you cannot make the meeting and would like a letter, please let us know and we can get one to you. E Mail:

Petition Letter

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Date: 12/09/2018