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Minutes of the Meeting of Maxton 21 held on 5th December 2016


PRESENT: Eileen, Kim, Priscilla, Ron, Elvira, Geoff, Rhona, Charlie and Gavin

APOLOGIES: Douglas, Isobel and Tom

As Kim had to leave the meeting early the Treasurers report was given first. The total amount of funds in hand stands at 8,789.01. There were some items to come off this i.e. 26.90 for refreshments: 69.10 for toilet door maintenance: 295.00 for insurance.
The charity money stands at 630.95.

The time of the get together on 12th December should read, 7-9 pm

The Constitution
Geoff had received 2 replies from his email asking for questions or comments regarding the new Maxton 21 Charity Constitution. (Gavin attended to help field any questions. To clarify: we have Ordinary Members, Committee Members and Trustees.)

Q1: Do the office bearers (Committee Members) have to be Trustees?
A1: No

Q2: Do the Trustees have to be signed up Members?
A2: Yes

The Constitution requires us to formalise governance for all concerned. Therefore, the Committee has created a Membership Roll. This is held by the Chairman, with a copy at the Village Hall, and is available to view on demand. The Committee is made up of the aforesaid Members and the following roles have been voted on:

Chairman Geoff
Treasurer Kim
Minutes Secretary Eileen
Correspondence & Booking Secretary (jointly) Douglas & Priscilla
Hall Caretaker - Ron
Village Website, Neighbourhood Watch and HMS Maxton Liaison Charlie

In addition, there are three Trustees for the Charity Board, (all of whom are Members) designated as such in the Constitution Douglas, Gavin and Geoff.

There were then several questions from the Committee that Gavin was able to answer:
The Board can delegate powers to Members to form a sub-committee where required.

We are able to raise money for other charities, as long as the charity numbers are displayed.


The music night concert was an excellent event and raised 437.00 for the charity. Ron has written and thanked everyone involved.

Maxton Meets
Richard Carlton gave a most entertaining and informative talk about Flodden, this was a very well attended meeting.

Christmas Social Night this will be on 12th December between 7 and 9 pm with tea/coffee/hot chocolate and bakes being serviced. This event will not be limited to the parish only, and flyers have been made ready to advertise the evening. A mailshot will go to every household in the parish.
The hall will be decorated on Sunday afternoon volunteers welcome.

Some of the Christmas lights are not working, Ron will get some LED ones.

Craft Night Natter These are to take place on the third Monday in January, February and March, the hall has been booked, and will cost 2 entry each night Ladies (and Gentlemen) bring along a craft you are working on and get together with others to share your skills and conversation.
This event will not be advertised in Border Events, but Rhona will make posters/flyers to distribute.

Carol Singing this will take place on 18th December at 6.30, meeting in the car park, wear warm clothes and bring a torch. Carol sheets will be available.

Charity Fund Raising Hamper Eileen has collected contributions from everyone for the hamper and has the necessary basket, cellophane, etc. she will take a photo of it for the website. Eileen and Kim are going to take this to the Council and sell squares at a 1 each. All proceeds for the Borders Holiday Group.

Hogmanay Penny is apparently happy to organise this, Roddy and Shona need to know if the event is going ahead as they are doing the music.
It was mentioned that the hall is available if anyone responsible wants to hire it.

Maxton Meets the next meeting will meet Shona Sinclair from Hawick Museum who will talk on Nursing Services for the First World War The Life of Mary L Milne.

Hall Report nothing
We are still in the electricians list. Rhona will look into prices etc. for a new cooker.

Lime Tree no news yet have contacted Mr Grieve, who has given consent for the trimming and will contribute towards costs. Geoff has spoken to Penny. Mr Jamieson said there would be a 6 week warning period for the power going to be cut off.

Neighbourhood Watch all quiet, no cold callers.

HMS Maxton all quiet.

Website ticking along. The Constitution to be put on the website.

AOB - None

NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on 9th January 2017.

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Date: 05/12/2016