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Minutes of the Meeting of Maxton 21 held on 26th September 2016


PRESENT: Rhona, Geoff, Charlie, Elvira, Eileen, Priscilla, Ron and Kim

APOLOGIES: Douglas and Gavin



Kim has produced a statement showing the gas, Bridge, charity monies and a payment from Scottish Borders Council. Kim to check with Isobel if there is still charity money sitting in the bank. The present balance stands at 8,151.68.

Maxton Meets had its first meeting with about 18 people attending; this was a very good talk from a former textile worker with great slides to accompany it.

Maxton Meets

The next meeting will be on 10th October, the speaker then is Charles Strang who will give a talk entitled Architectural Heritage of the Borders. Geoff and Rhona will do the teas.
Rhona enquired about the lamination of posters for advertising events, Charlie said he could help with this.

Music Night
Ron has arranged for the Music Event to be on 12th November, starting at 8.00 pm and costing 8 a ticket (tea/coffee biscuits inclusive). BYOB. The evening will take the following format.
8.00 8.30 Roddy & Shona
8.30 9.15 Kathy and the Coohands
9.15 9.45 Break and a small raffle
9.45 10.30 Kathy and the Coohands

The layout of the hall was discussed with perhaps a space left for dancing. All money made on the night on the night will go to the charity.
Ron will make a poster advertising A Charity Music Night at Maxton with Kathy Stewart and Friends.

Pub Quiz
This will have to tie in with Tom and Isobel leaving the village and will be sometime next year.

Jumble Sale
It was decided to postpone this to perhaps a later date and to try and find some sort of theme i.e. environmental, crafts, etc.

Rhona wondered about having a combined activity/Christmas get together, and wondered about a Christmas log making/Cookie swap idea. It was pointed out how very few people actually attend the Christmas get together, but that the group would bear her ideas in mind, and perhaps it would be an opportunity to draw the winning ticket for the hamper. (see below).

It was agreed to do a Christmas Hamper for the charity, everyone in the group to donate something, Eileen will make a list of what is needed and will make up the hamper, she will liaise with Kim about this.

Geoff will email the Borders Holiday Group congratulating them on their 20 year anniversary and will also tell them about the music night.

Ron has got a new boiler for the kitchen, at a cost of 83.00; he is looking to replace the stand for the boiler.
Toilet door handle Ron said it is proving difficult to find an exact replica, but will look for the nearest he can find.
The outside light is full of water the electrician to be consulted.
The hall heaters are to be serviced this Wednesday, 28th Sept.
Lime Tree Geoff has been in touch with SBC, on 7th September Roger Whiteford said Wilson Jamieson has arranged a shutdown with Scottish Power and will have the crown of the tree thinned, and everything within 3 metres of the Hall will be cut back. It was agreed to mention the Leylandii and the height of the Beech hedge to Wilson Jamieson when they come.
There is no word on our charitable status as yet.

Nothing to report, everything up to date.

All quiet

Charlie and Elvira had a good visit at East Orde. We are the last group in the affiliation; Dave and Joe still want to keep in touch.

Geoff asked if everyone could access our Facebook page, but was told that people have to be invited to share. Thanks to Sian for getting this set up. The address is

Rhona said the new entertainments licence should be on display.

The next meeting will be held on Monday 31st October Kim said she would not be able to attend.
The meeting was then closed.

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Date: 26/09/2016