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Minutes of the Meeting of Maxton 21 held on 22nd August 2016


PRESENT: Douglas, Eileen, Priscilla, Ron, Rhona, Geoff, Charlie, Isobel and Kim

APOLOGIES: Elvira and Tom



Kim will raise an invoice to SBC for hire of the hall for the elections in June.

The Duck Race on 20th August
– despite the torrential rain everyone agreed this had been a great success with 99 ducks being sold making a total of £198 plus £34 in donations, making an overall total of £172.00. (after the prize money had been deducted).
1st – Angie Deacon, 2nd – Susan Pugh, 3rd Gordon Duguid.
There was a reasonable turnout for the duck race, with just a few going on to the BBQ; the weather probably had a lot to do with this. The possibility of the duck race becoming an annual event was discussed as costs involved were low and it was an enjoyable event. It was suggested the middle of August would be a good time to have it in future, and maybe reducing the prize money thereby making more for the chosen charity.

Maxton Meets

The programme is progressing; the first meeting will be on September 12th with a talk by Gordon McDonald entitled ‘From Tweed to Twinsets’. Priscilla has the advertising posters ready to circulate. It was agreed that the admission cost be raised to £2 but that there would not be a raffle at the meetings.
Geoff will make up flyers and will put them into the Post Office, Southern Reporter; Eileen will send info to the SBC Communications department.

Treasure Hunt
Rhona has been working on this and has devised a suitable route, directions and clues; she will do a ‘dummy run’ first. It was agreed that the Spring would be a better time of year to hold this event.

Music Night
Ron has not yet got a date for this, but will try and get something organised as soon as possible.

• A new handle is needed for the disabled toilet door.
• The Entertainment licence is through
• The speakers are to be sorted
• P.A.T testing was mentioned
• Gas heaters – SBC will organise the inspection of these.
• Charitable status – still waiting to hear about this.
• Lime tree outside village hall – Geoff has contacted Rodger Whiteford at SBC, including some photographs to illustrate the problem and awaits a reply. It was agreed by the group that we did not want to lose the tree, as it is part of the character of the village and its environment, but its proximity to overhead electricity wires, the main road and the hall roof is causing concern.
• The next meeting of the Central Borders Federation is on Wednesday 14th September at 7.30pm in Yarrow Feus Hall, if anyone can go.
• Charitable Status Application – Geoff said the application is back on course and he is awaiting the outcome.
• Boards and poles for advertising are to be looked into, there is money available for this

Nothing to report, everything up to date.

All relevant scams and information and are being sent to us.

Charlie and Elvira are meeting up with a couple on 2nd September.

It was agreed that it was a good idea to have this up and running before Maxton Meets starts in September. Sian Parkhouse is happy to help and Priscilla suggested it would be better if just two people have access so that it is easier to monitor. Sian and Priscilla will do this.

Rhona wondered about having a Jumble Sale, possibly in November, the group agreed this was a good idea.

The next meeting will be held on Monday 26th September.

The meeting was then closed.

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Date: 25/08/2016