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Maxton Duck Race Report

On a fine Saturday afternoon (well, fine for ducks, that is) an enthusiastic, if somewhat sodden, crowd gathered below Maxton Kirk for the second annual Maxton Duck Race. Our worries as to whether there would be enough water in the burn to run the race were laughingly unfounded. 99 race-tuned, aerodynamic yellow plastic ducks were launched down the now rapidly filling burn with a roar of encouragement. Early betting had made the usual suspects favourites: Duke de L'Orange, Outferra, Crispi and Daffy. But they were literally blown out of the water by the unfancied starter Puddle (No.54). After galloping into an early lead on the second bend she was not to be caught. Puddle paddled at a pulsating pace and raced away with the race. As the rain gathered momentum, so did Puddle. She steamed into the final straight with the also-rans trailing in her wake. Almost a one duck race, in fact.

The Prize Winners were:

1st: Puddle (No54) in a record time of 17 minutes, sponsored by A Deacon.

2nd: Featherdown (No29) quite a way behind, sponsored by S Pugh

3rd: Crispi (No64) way, way behind and up round the bend, sponsored by G Duguid

Congratulations to the winners and a pat on the duck to the participants for a race well run in a sportsmanlike manner.
A big thank you to all the committee members for organising the event and selling tickets.

Another big thank you goes to Gordon, Lorna and Gillian of BORDER HOLIDAY GROUP, (this years Maxton21 nominated charity) for turning up on such a dreich day to watch 99 rubber ducks bobble down a burn, and giving us such a insight into the great work they do for a such a worthy cause.
60 of the money raised went in prize money, and 172 was donated to our charity.

Grateful thanks to all who participated and sponsored.

An expectant crowd gather

Tension rises at the Finish

The Duck Wrangler scoops up the finishers

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Date: 21/08/2016