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Minutes of the Meeting of Maxton 21 held on 1st August 2016


PRESENT: Rhona, Geoff, Ron, Elvira, Eileen, Kim and Charlie

APOLOGIES: Douglas and Priscilla

Charlie pointed out that the word ‘tonne’ was incorrect and should have been ‘ton’, but he had saved the day and made the necessary changes before the minutes were published.


Kim handed everyone the latest balance sheet, which showed a closing balance of £8,087.14. She pointed out that the income from SBC for use of the hall for the recent election was still to come (£300.00) and that there was a gas bill of £97.46 to come off next month.


Duck Race on Saturday 20th August
– Geoff had made prototype posters and had emailed everyone copies. He has enough sponsorship forms for 99 ducks and gave everyone present some of them, Kim said she would be happy to go around the village with some sheets.
There will be a 3pm start, everyone to meeting at the church. Geoff and Rhona agreed to set things up.
Tom will set up the BBQ and an invitation will be sent to Lorna from the Borders Holiday Group (the charity the money is being raised for).
Kim said she would get a supply of juice, and there would be tea and coffee in the hall.
Music Night
Ron has had no further word yet regarding the music night but will be seeing about this next week.
Maxton Meets
Priscilla is still organising the programme.
Treasure Hunt
Rhona asked if she should put a pack together for a Treasure Hunt – it was agreed that she should.

Ron expressed concern over the branches of the Lime tree outside the hall and the Leylandii which were both getting very overgrown. Rhona agreed to get in touch with Roger Whiteford at S.B.C. to see what could be done about these.

Going fine, sponsors all happy.

No problems, two people have been caught speeding recently and one other given a warning.

There is a new magazine in the file. Charlie and Elvira are meeting up with a couple and Geoff asked them to pass on best wishes from Maxton.

Ron and Geoff had been to the A.G.M. of the Central Borders Federation of Village Halls and had found it very helpful. In particular the following Chairman’s Remarks were made:
• Use local paper and Bridge to publicise upcoming events (e.g. as Ettrickbridge & Bowden do).
• Do nothing about water bills and await confirmation of charity status.
• Insurance Queries – public liability insurance is nullified if event is held off hall land. Need pli of landowners and written permission – or not organised by hall committee (officially) and publicise this.
• Photocopying can be done at the Bridge for an annual subscription of £10.00. Geoff said he would send the form off.

Geoff said he has sent his details to the bank.

Charlie will do poster drops for the duck race.

Ideas for further fund raising were discussed, including raising the admission charge and having a raffle at the Maxton Meets meetings – Priscilla to be asked how she feels about this.
A Christmas hamper was suggested – this has been done in the past, very successfully, and it could be a good idea to do one again.
Elvira said she sends her organ playing money to the charity using the Gift Aid scheme so they get the extra benefit from this.
All ideas for fundraising – please give your ideas to Geoff and Rhona.

The next meeting will be held on Monday 22nd August.

The meeting was then closed.

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Date: 07/08/2016