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Minutes of the Meeting of Maxton 21 held on 9th May 2016


PRESENT Douglas, Priscilla, Ron, Rhona, Geoff, Isobel, Charlie, Elvira and Eileen

APOLOGIES Gavin, Kim & Tom

Geoff pointed out that the charity is called the Border Holiday Group and not Jumbulance. He passed on the groups thanks at being chosen once again.

Charlie said he had sent in his reports (Neighbourhood Watch, Maxton 21, and H.M.S. Maxton) last month, but these had not appeared. The group did not have a record of receiving them.


There was no Treasurer’s report as the Treasurer is away on holiday.
An email from Gavin stated that the application for charitable status had been registered but not processed, this should be done by July and Gavin will chase them up.
Kim’s signature is at the bank, and the others will be in after next week, Isobel has the necessary form.
Charlie said the money from the website was in, the sponsors had all paid.

A very successful Maxton Meets on 11th April met Diane Bennett from the Tweed Valley Osprey Project who gave an illustrated talk on a local Forestry Commission Initiative that supports these spectacular birds.

Ron wondered about a Folk/Jam/Session with a group he knew, it was agreed it was a good idea and he will contact them. A suggested date was 30th September.

Ronny and Shona from the village have said they are willing to play on Hogmanay.

The group thought that having a concert with Dere Street would be too expensive as it would be difficult to get enough numbers to cover their costs.

Geoff thought it might be a good idea to have some kind of commemorative event that doesn’t clash with anyone else. Various ideas were discussed. Best to avoid St Boswells village week.

Other ideas included a Duck Race – Rhona and Geoff would organise this for either 11th or 18th June.

A Car Treasurer Hunt – Rhona will do more research into the possibility of this.

A Pub Night with Quiz, to take place before Tom and Isobel leave the village.

Maxton Meets – Priscilla is working on the programme for next year. Geoff has spoken to Richard Carlton who would be happy to give a talk on Flodden.

Charlie reported lots of illegal attacks online, especially in regard to phishing and other scams.. He also said there had been a number of cars in Jedburgh which had become unlocked even after their owners had locked them.

The H.M.S Maxton magazine is kept in the hall cupboard.

The question was raised of how to create a wider advertising of events. Facebook apparently works well with the website, but Charlie said we were not allowed to use Facebook

All quiet now after a parking dispute between a couple of residents in the village.

Ron said that while he was away there would be a Pilates and Art Class using the hall.

Isobel asked about books being sold for charity, she is happy to add some paperbacks.

Geoff mentioned that there was nowhere around Rutherford, Burnside etc. to put up posters advertising events. The possibility was mentioned of a notice board for Muirhouselaw, the Community Council may be able to help. It was pointed out that all events are advertised in the Church newsletter. Leafleting and a Facebook page might work for bringing people in.

Isobel said she has been getting water/sewage charges of £389.12 from April to end March 2017, which we’ve never paid before, she was advised to hold off paying just now. Geoff wondered if they are aware we are changing status.

The meeting was then closed.

The next meeting will be on Monday 6th June.

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Date: 09/05/2016