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Tom's 1000km Walk from Seville to Santiago for Borders Search & Rescue Unit - Daily News

28th April Day 0
Tom has flown from Edinburgh to Madrid this morning. Arrived safely in Seville and starts walking tomorrow.
1st May Day 3:
In Monesterio. 38 km hot and hilly in National Park. Still to taste vino tinto this trip. Pic of a local sssssSpanish resident I met today.
2nd May Day 4
48 km in blistering heat today! Now in luxury hotel in Zafra, I'll put it on Isobel's card!
3rd May Day 5
Villafranco las Barrias. Approx 20 km stroll today to recover from yesterday's ultra marathon.
4th May Day 6
40 km day but overcast so much easier. In Merido, hostel basic no Wi-Fi and cannot charge phone.
5th May Day 7
In Alcuescsar, another 35 km done, allegedly the best hostel on the camino but I missed it and am in a truckstop. Lots of blisters, blue nails, just what I dreamed about!
6th May Day 8
Now in Valdesalor, 27 fairly easy km but hot! Blisters on right foot make it slow. Tomorrow I either do 11, 21, or 42 km. I think 21 sounds best.
7th May Day 9
Now in Casar de Caseres. Only achieved 22 km but probably walked nearer 30. Caceres itself is a big city and we country bumpkins don't do cities. Allegedly the hottest day of the year too!
8th May Day 10
Foot a bit better so walked 32 km to Canaveral. Overcast too which made it a lot easier. Some lovely scenery especially around the huge dam.
9th May Day 11
Now in Galisteo, another 32 km day in blistering heat! Foot a bit better, a few days ago I walked with an angel today with Jesus, the Spaniard that is.
10th May Day 12
Had to choose between 12 and 50 km today, and being a softy I chose 12. Not all rest though as washing had to be done, Spanish style! Only 600 Km to go!
11th May Day 13
In Aldanueva del Camino after 38 km in HOT sun. Now I can see snow so I'll probably be complaining of cold next. Picture of Roman arch part of whole town probably related to tin mining,
12th May Day 14
In Calzada de Bejar in the foothills of the mountains, 22 km still hot but at least there are occasional trees for shade. Meeting lots of the same people at nights which is nice too.
13th May Day 15
In Fuenteroble, 22 km again mostly uphill! But not so hot, the next few days should be cooler, in a donativo hostel, pay what you want, dangerous with a Scotsman,
14th May Day 16
Bad day today so no pics, for reasons which should become clear. Got a dodgy meal last night, Immodium sorted half the problem but couldn't even keep water down. HOWEVER I did get 28 km and get over the highest point, at just over four thousand feet.
15th May Day 17
Sickness gone but have not eaten for 2 days, time for a feast tonight! It's been cooler today so managed 40 km to Calzada de Valdunciel. Passed through Salamanca which looks worth a visit, picture of cathedral.
16th May Day 18
Down to 26C today so managed 32 km, now in Villanueva. By popular request a picture in my Alex James shorts.
17th May Day 19
See yez zamora! No internet so this will get there late. I passed Zamora and on to Montamarta. ONLY 28 degrees! Better for walking and for my feet.
18th May Day 20
Now in Granja de Moreuela where the way splits. I will now take the left or Sanabres route. Cooler only 28 degrees and feet better.
19th MayDay 21
Now on Camino Sanabres route and in Tabara. Weather is cooling and the scenery is improving.
20th May Day 22
34 km in a cool day by local standards, now in Calzada de Tera. Lunch today sitting by the Rio Tera. Feet still improving too, which is a bonus.
21st May Day 23
Now in Mombuey, just under 300 km to go. Cool breeze which is good for walking.
22nd May Day 24
Another 33 km racked up in better walking weather, now in Puebla de Sanabria, about 3 000 ft. Tomorrow Galicia and the mountains! Old church with connections to the Templars.
23rd May Day 25
Hope the Coffee Morning went well. Now in the mountains, on Galicia border. Peaked at 4200 ft but have dropped back down, with two more "El Monroes" tomorrow. The boots are better than mine!
24th May Day 26
Now in A Guidina in Galicia, another 25 km and 4200 ft climb. Just under 200 km to go!
25th May Day 27
Real mountains now! Have dropped back to 2000 ft only to climb back up in the morning!
26th May Day 28
Now in Xunqueira de Ambia, even more difficult to pronounce! Tough climb in the morning and a steep descent followed by 15 flat kms. Picture of grain store.
27th May Day 29
In Ourense with 100 km to go!
The yellow's on the broom, so I tak the road.
28th May Day 30
Another 41 km only 2 more walking days! 65 km to go! Monastery where I almost stayed, but they did not have lightning insurance.
29th May Day 31
In Bandeira, about 30 km to go! Surely I can't get lost now?
30th May Day 32
Finished over 1000 km and I am now certified!
Selfie of old relic and the cathedral.
31st May Walk + 0ne
Never take 970 km boots on a 1006 km walk!

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Date: 28/05/2015