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Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Monday 16th March 2015

Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Monday 16th March 2015
Jimmy, Janet, Isobel, Tom, Eileen, Priscilla, Douglas, Ron, Charlie, Kim, Geoff and Rhona.

Apologies Elvira

Previous Minutes:
The minutes of the last meeting, held on Monday December 8th 2014, were accepted as an accurate record.

Treasurer’s Report:
The funds at present stand at £10.765.32 but payment, of £3600, has still to be made to Murray and Burrell for the work done. Payments for renewables have also to be made.

Past Events:
The Hogmanay Party was successful with 25 adults and 6 children attending. The event produced a small loss which is of no concern.

Future Events:
Tom is due to set off on his 2015 Charity Walk on Tuesday 28th April. Details and progress reports will be put on the website, as before.

After discussion, it was agreed that there would be a Coffee Morning and Plant Sale on Saturday 23rd May. However, as a change from the normal arrangements, all monies raised would be donated to the Maxton 21 Charity for 2015, which has yet to be decided.

A provisional date for a Barbecue was fixed for Saturday 20th June. Maxton 21 would provide the cooking facilities, but those attending would be reponsible for bringing their own food and drink and supervising the cooking.

Ideas for future events were discussed:
Maxton Meets – Eileen and Priscilla to gather suggested names for a return of the series of talks. Charlie to provide list of past speakers.
A Duck Race on a local burn – Rhona has a set of ducks and Jeff will look at local burns to find one suitable. Fancy dress for children with face painting.
Children’s Entertainers - Kim to enquire into those from people who attended a recent event.
Puppet Show?
Bonfire Night?
St Andrew’s Night?
Themed Nights?

Hall Report:
The re-painting of the Hall had been done by Murray and Burrell, and we thank them for completing the work on time and to an excellent standard. Thanks to those who helped prepare the hall for the work and replaced everything afterwards.
Douglas reported that the work involving replacement of the speakers had still to be completed and the work paid for. He will chase things up.

Web Site:
Nothing new to report.

Neighbourhood Watch:
The sorned car illegally parked in the Village Car Park has been removed.

The new copy of Ton Class magazine is on the notice board.

Any Other Business:
Suggestions for the Maxton 21 Charity for 2015 required, as Tom will be setting out on his walk for 2015 ,from Seville to Santiago, on 28th April and will need to set up his online site for donations.
A decision will need to be made at the next meeting.

A letter of thanks from the Border Holiday Group for our support and contribution, as our Charity for 2014, has been received. Jimmy, Tom and Charlie met with Lorna, Derek and
Gordon and handed over our cheque for £1020.23.

Date of Next Meeting:
The next meeting of Maxton 21 will be held on Tuesday 21st April in Maxton Village Hall at 7.30pm.

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Date: 19/03/2015