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Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Tuesday 20th May 2014

Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Tuesday 20th May 2014

Present: Jimmy, Janet, Charlie, Priscilla, Eileen, Elvira, Douglas

Apologies: Tom, Isobel

Previous Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 25th March were accepted as an accurate record.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer not being present, there was no Treasurer’s Report

Past Events: n/a

Future Events:
Saturday 24th May - Hall Coffee Morning and Plant Sale

Set up Friday evening at 7pm
Hall open at 9am on Saturday for layout by guest stalls (both confirmed)
Isobel will provide floats.
Priscilla will purchase provisions.

Duties on the day:
Door - Isobel
Plants - Charlie
Raffle – Jimmy (Charlie to produce sheets)
Kitchen – Ron
Kitchen and Waiting – Elvira, Priscilla and Janet
Sales Table – Eileen
Charity Information and Sponsorship - Lorna (and Tom?)

Query re Stuffing of gifted knitted teddies. (Enquiries made and items are stuffed with British Standard soft toy material)

Sunday 1st June – Car Boot at St Boswells Green
Eileen is having a Car Boot Sale for the Maxton 21 Charity for 2014 “The Border Holiday Group”. Support, please. Donated items welcomed.

Saturday 9th August – Scottish Country Dance in Maxton Hall for Maxton 21 Charity for 2014 “The Border Holiday Group”. Finalised details in calendar in due course.

Hall Report:
Toilet Repair: Douglas reported that the cistern in the Disabled Toilet has been serviced and is now functioning properly.
Hall Refurbishment: Douglas has received an estimate for the complete repainting of the Hall but there is no way that the costs of a total repaint can be funded at present. It was decided that costing for a limited area be sought. Repainting of the toilets, vestibule and the walls in the newer part of the Hall might be affordable at present. It was agreed that an application to CBAVH for funding be made (up to £1500) as part of the costs, depending on the estimates received. Douglas, Jimmy and Charlie to act on behalf of the Committee in forwarding any grant applications.

Web Site:
Sponsorship monies received.
Tom’s daily reports from his walk logged on the website.

Neighbourhood Watch:
Nothing to report except the continued excess speed of vehicles which ignore the new limit.

Ton Class magazine received, as usual.

Any Other Business:
Wooler Wheel Cycling Sportive: The use of the hall as a watering hole and medical checkpoint went off very successfully.
Tom’s Walk for Maxton 21 Charity for 2014 “The Border Holiday Group”.
500 miles in 21 days - what a marvellous performance. Daily reports and pictures on the Maxton website.

Diary Cancellations: Boyd’s Concert in September and Zumba group on Monday evenings.

Date of Next Meeting:
The next meeting of Maxton 21 will be held on Monday 25th August 2014 in the Hall at 7.30pm.

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Date: 20/05/2014