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Tom's Walk to Santiago Day 17 onwards

15th May - Day 17 - Have reached Hospital da Condesa, probably the toughest set of climbs since day 1 In the Pyrenees. Now in Galicia and scenery is beautiful

16th May - Day 18 -Reached Barbadela just over 100 k to go. Galicia is beautiful and hard work, up and down. Too much like hard work for pictures but note the snow poles on the road. No surprise I suppose at 4000 feet.

17th May - Day 19 - A couple of milestones today, first passed the 100 k to go, then the 700 km walked. Am now in Ligonde about 74 km from Santiago and hope to get there Monday. Last night had my feet in a pool at the hostel for a couple of hours - ecstasy!

18th May - Day 20 - Have reached Arzua in striking distance of Santiago. May go straight there tomorrow or stop 2 km short to give the whole day. The distance has flown in so currently plan to go on to. Finisterre. Picture of the other side of walking, the laundry!

19th May - Day 21 - In Santiago and fully certificated, or maybe certified would be more appropriate! Overcast all day so easier walking and rain for a couple of hours. Walked 780 km across Spain then struggled to find the pilgrim office! Intend to set off for Finisterre tomorrow. Pictures of the Italians waiting for their compostellas, and the Santiago sign.

20th May - Day 22 - Torrential rain during the night and more forecast. So have booked a flight today, Tuesday. Quitting while still on a high.

Day 17 O Cebreiro

Day 17

Day 18 Snow Poles

Day 18 Aaah!

Day 18 Aaaaaaah!!

Day 20 The Laundry!

Santiago - at last.

Italians queuing for their Compostellas

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Date: 20/05/2014