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Tom's Walk to Santiago Day 9 to Day 16

7th May - Day 9 - Hot today from 08:00 but got about 38 k and reached Castrojerez. Now into the meseta which has long low hills and miles and miles of cereal crop. People have a thing about piling stones for some reason and the other shows temperature at 20:00 last night.

8th May Day 10 - Reached Villarmentero de Campos. About 34 k in hot sunshine. Some long hills in the morning but afternoon flat along the Castallan canal.

9th May - Day 11 - Reached Terradillos de Templarios. More a day of kilometers crunching than sight seeing. Very flat like the Orange Free State. Great party meal last night, picture attached along with two Italians who have been on the same schedule as me for a week. Carrion? Of course I'm carrying on!
I had 3 milestones today. 1. Am now less than 400km away,2. Have passed half way. 3. Have now walked 400 k
But now the hills start again.

10th May - Day 12 - Another kilometre crunching day now in Reliegos, 42 k today in hot sun. I cannot shake these Italians, they are starting at 05:00 in the dark. No pics unless I go out later.

- 11th May - Day 13 and some good and bad luck. First there was a little shady cloud so it was not quite so warm. However at the place I intended to stay, the hostel had closed so had to walk on another 9 km. I am now in Villadangos delParamo and having walked about 45km am now below the 300 to go.

12th May - Day 14 - Reached Santa Catalino de Somoso. Now into the foothills of the mountains which suits me better. I think my extra miles yesterday may have lost the Italians. Weather still hot but snow on hills and cold in early mornings, 1.5 Celsius at 7:30 this morning

13th May - Day 15 - Much nicer scenery now. Crossed the highest point on the way at Cruz de Ferro and deposited the Eildon stone. Am now in Molinaseca so about 36 k nearer Santiago.

14th May - Day 16 - Arrived Villafranca del Bierzo and the hostel is built into rock, see picture. I saw my ideal house as well complete with own vineyard. Another 32 k off the list and the 200k barrier broken.

Day 9 - Stone Piles

Day 10 Party Time

Day 10 Two Italian fellow hoofers!

Day 11 A Right Carrion

Day 13 Getting there!

Day 13 Chilly

Day 14

Day 14 Less than 250k to go!

Day 15 The Eildon Stone

Day 15

Day 16 Villafranca del Bierzo - the Hostel in the Rock

Day 16 The Dream Vineyard!

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Date: 14/05/2014