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Tom's Walk to Santiago Day 1 to Day 8

29th April - Day 1 - over StJPdP to Roncesvalles over the Pyrenees by 14:00. It was quite a tough day but allegedly the most difficult on the route. A little bit of rain on route but nothing to speak of so Ive been working on my tan.

30th April - Day 2 - Rain this morning but have done 38 k so am just outside Pamplona.

1st May - Day 3 - Reached Meneru, 34 k today. Weather cloudy but some sun and no rain. Irish coffee ice lolly for lunch

2nd May - Day 4 - Now in Los Arcos so have walked about 38k today. Mixture of sunshine and showers, but not Scottish type showers. Missed out on the wine fountain so may have to walk back 20 k in the morning,

3rd May - Day 5 - About 41 k today in foolish weather. In Navarrete - Rioja country!! All going well so far

4th May - Day 6 - Sunday, day of rest! But not for a pellegrino. Had intended 23 k but settled for 39. Sunny all day but cool enough for walking. Tried some Rioja last night and finished up playing guitar and singing in the pub. I should have asked for sponsored silence.

5th May - Day 7 - Arrived Villafranca Montes de Ova guessing 30 k. Distances don't tie up, I passed a sign 555k to Santiago and 5k further on it was 575k, must be a space warp. Warm all day today, so it is not easy walking East must have a lop sided tan. (Official figure 528 k to Santiago, I'll use this website for all in future. Means I have walked about 250k in 7 days or around 35 a day which sounds about right.)

6th May- Day 8 - Slightly cloudy today so better for walking. Have reached Burgos and am lashing out 5 Euros to share with 3 ladies! Pics of stone circles, typical way markers, and my first attempt at a "selfie"
First blister today but small and on top of big toe so no problem.

At the Start - St Jean Pied de Port

Roncesvalles hostel

Day 2 near Pamplona

Day 3 - Pilgrim metal sculpture outside Pamplona

Day 5 - In Navarette

Day 6 - Santo Domingo de la Calzada. The hostel, 7 Euro

Light Lunch! Day 6

All the 5s - 555.

Day 8 - Stone Circles

Day 8 - A Typical Way Marker

Day 8 - A Selfie!

Day 8 - Temp at 8pm

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Date: 28/04/2014