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Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Tuesday 25th March 2014

Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Tuesday 25th March 2014
Jimmy, Janet, Charlie, Priscilla, Douglas, Isobel, Elvira, Tom and Eileen.

Apologies: Felicity

Previous Minutes:
The minute of the meeting held on Monday 13th January 2014 was accepted as an accurate record.

Treasurer’s Report:
Isobel presented a statement of the latest figures – the account stands at £6341.36.
The Government investigation into charging for water in the Village Halls is still ongoing. We still are not to be charged as things stand.
All monies due from SBC for the use of the Hall by them have now been paid.
Cheque handed over to Maxton 21 “Charity for 2013” The Special Baby Unit at Borders General Hospital by Eileen, Charlie and Tom on our behalf.

Past Events:
Burns Supper
Very successful as always. Thanks to all who took part on the evening and also those whose efforts in advance made the evening possible.
Concern that the preparation of the meal has become too much for the limited numbers available to do the work. Future arrangements will need to be looked at. Suggestions welcome. Possibility of outside catering was discounted due to excessive cost. All-in-one stack a possible. Dislike of turnip could be a problem for some people.

Future Events:
Tom’s Walk for the “Maxton Charity for 2014” the Borders Holiday Group – start on 29th April and ends at end of May.
Saturday 24th May Coffee Morning and Plant Sale for Hall Funds .
Charlie to contact Crafters - Shona Tait Cards and Christopher Grant Jewellery.
(Usual arrangements – to be confirmed)
Sunday 14th December Parish Get-together
Sunday 21st December Carol Singing
Wednesday 31st December Hogmanay Ceilidh
It was suggested that live music could attract people who were not keen on the “canned” version. Isobel to contact and discuss.

Possible other events:
Table Top/Car Boot Sale for the Charity
Games Night in the Autumn
Scottish Country Dance with BYO Food and Refreshments

Hall Report:
Douglas reported that the safety chains on the replacement speakers had still to be fitted.
The question of keeping the high standards we have in the Hall was raised. It is now 14 years since the Hall was decorated and the time has come when redecoration should be considered. It was agreed that Douglas should get however many estimates are now required for application for funding, towards the cost, from CBAVH. Our own funds would have to contribute to the overall costs. Next date for appplications to CBAVH is in June. With the need for scaffolding, fixed dates would have to be agreed to let those booking the Hall make alternative arrangements during any redecoration.
Consideration will be given, once again, to changing the cooker. Whether the size for fitting the existing space is still manufactured will be investigated.
New insulated jugs will be purchased.
The weird noises emanating from the cistern in the disabled toilet will be investigated. Douglas will deal with the problem of finding a plumber.
Car parking, at events in the Hall, has been reported as a problem with inconsiderate people parking across accesses close to the Hall. Groups involved will be reminded of their responsibilities.
Although the hall is swept weekly, groups will be also reminded that they should be leaving the Hall floor as clean as they found it or better.

Web Site:
Nothing to report extra to the Annual Report.

Neighbourhood Watch:
Nothing to report extra to the Annual Report.

Nothing to report extra to the Annual Report.

1. Letter of thanks from Special Baby Unit for our donation.
2. Survey by The Bridge of Charges for Let of Halls in Central Borders - completed
3. Survey of facilities in Maxton Hall by Workers Educational Association – completed
4. The Bridge Newsletter for February.

Any Other Business:

Date of Next Meeting:
The next meeting of Maxton 21 will be held on Tuesday 20th May at 7.30pm.

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Date: 31/03/2014