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Tom Has Made It - Pennine Way Completed

So far Tom is on schedule but it is sheer determination that is keeping him going.

Arrived as planned at Edale on 26 May with two trains, transport and connection running on time, and no problems along the way.
The weather was beautiful and looking forward to the start date.
Day 1 Edale to Torside 16 miles.
Weather deteriorating but walk went to plan.
Day 2 Torside to Mankinholes 22.5 miles, and Day 3 Mankinholes to Earby 26 miles, were horrendous with rain torrential and vision ranging from 3 to 100 metres at best.
Had to stop continually to check he was where he was supposed to be and not losing his route.
Exhausted and blisters on feet, everything soaking.
No signals and phone secured in plastic wrap.
Day 4 Earby to Horton 28 miles, weather has improved slightly but walking slower than normal due to sore feet.
Bunks three storeys high and a total of 18 beds in room but fortunately nobody else arrived.
Glad he had a bottom bunk as he did not fancy being on the top and trying to get there after a couple of pints.
Day 5 Horton to Keld 26.5 miles, weather beautiful and even got an ice cream half way.
Now broken the 100 miles and 119 miles in total completed.
Day 6 Keld to Baldersdale 21 miles, weather glorious but no signals.
Day 7 Baldersdale to Dufton 22 miles.
Hard day with lots of climbing and feet still in sorry state.
Now a total of 162 miles complete.
Day 8 - Dufton to Alston 21 miles across the highest point in the Penninnes, Cross Fell at 2930 feet, which is where I got the benefit of my practice in the Eildons.
Day 9 - Alston to Greenhead 24 miles, map reading skill necessary and used my GPS as back up quite a lot as there are no paths, no signs, and in poor weather this must be a difficult section.
Day 10 - Greenhead to Bellingham 17 miles, very hot, the section along Hadrians Wall is also tough but the rest of the day fairly easy but a trifle long. ( Hadrians Wall)
Day 11 - Bellingham to Byrness 15 miles - Reached Byrness about lunchtime today, after a 06:00 start, a relatively easy section before tomorrow's monster.
Day 12 Byrness to Kirk Yetholm
I enjoyed the section from Byrness to Kirk Yetholm best of all, another lovely day, and 25 pretty hard miles over the high route. A welcoming half pint and a certificate.
Day 13 - The Plus Day! Last day aided by young Tom and Dotty the whippet, we walked in blistering sunshine, but carrying only my lunch and water which is much easier. I wouldn't have believed that eleven of the thirteen days would be sunny, especially when days 2 & 3 were so wet.

My feet hurt, but it was an enjoyable experience, and many thanks to all who have helped, donated or are about to donate to this very worthwhile cause.

Remember - you can make Tom's efforts all worth while by sponsoring him on the website below:
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Date: 08/06/2013