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Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Monday 6th May 2013

Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Monday 6th May 2013

Present: Jimmy, Janet, Charlie, Priscilla, Tom, Elvira, Isobel, Douglas, Eileen,

Apologies: Ann

Previous Minutes:
The minute of the previous meeting was accepted as a true record.

Treasurer’s Report:
Isobel presented the statement of accounts up to 30th April. It showed a current balance of £5219.95.

Past Events:
The only event which has taken place was Rob Nicholson’s School Night Tour for which he hired the hall, giving the monies raised to Maxton 21 for distribution between the hall account and the Maxton 21 “Charity for 2013” The Special Care Baby Unit at BGH.

Future Events:
Saturday 18th May Coffee Morning for Hall Funds.

10am start.
9am doors open for visiting stallholders – Christopher Grant Jewellery and Fiona Tait Hand-made Greetings Cards.
Adults £2, Children £1.
Set up Friday evening at 7pm.
Priscilla to oversee catering requirements.
Isobel to provide float.
Donations for the produce stall, plant stall and raffle will be gratefully accepted.

Agreed duties on the day:
Tom – door and sponsorship forms for his walk.
Douglas – raffle
Charlie – plants
Isobel - produce stall
Ron, Eileen and Priscilla - kitchen and serving.
(Charlie to try to find additional help and Eileen to contact our Charity to see whether they wish to have a presence.)

Tom’s Charity Walk
All arrangements are in place, accommodation booked etc.
Sponsor sheets will be available at the Coffee Morning.
Poster being put together which will be e-mailed to Tom’s contacts.
Southern Reporter contacted and entries made in Facebook and Linked-in.
Just Giving site up and running, video to be made by Caroline and added to site.
Eileen making flyer which will be distributed round parish.

Charity Fundraising Dance
Jimmy and Janet have arranged a Scottish Country Dance on Saturday 8th June in the Village Hall. Limited numbers, so bookings and tickets from Jimmy 01835 822785. Proceeds to the Charity.

Hall Report:
Douglas reported that the SBC Entertainment Licence had been renewed for the next 3 years.
He presented the estimate from Border Sound Services for the system overhaul and repair, including replacement of the damaged speakers, of £236 which was accepted by the meeting.
As the PAT testing has still to be carried out it was suggested that, if qualified, Border Sound Services be invited to do that work also.
A check will be made as to whether the Loop system, which is still functional in the hall, should be extended to the toilet area, from which it had been removed during the alterations made there.
As the card tables are no longer used for their original purpose, there is no reason why the damaged felt can not be removed and the tables, when covered with cloths, will still be suitable for the Coffee Mornings.

Web Site:
Five of the six sponsors have already paid their contributon to cover the cost of the hosting. The sixth is currently in doubt. A decision will be made shortly.

Neighbourhood Watch:
Police were stopping vehicles – mainly white vans – to discourage any dodgy tradesmen from going round the area.

Nothing to report.

Any Other Business:

Date of Next Meeting:
The next meeting of Maxton 21 will be held on Monday 15th July at 7.30pm.

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Date: 07/05/2013