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Minutes of Maxton 21 AGM held on Monday 25th March 2013

Minutes of Maxton 21 AGM held on Monday 25th March 2013

Jimmy, Janet, Elvira, Isobel, Tom, Eileen, Priscilla, Douglas, and Charlie


Minutes of AGM held on 19th March 2012
The minutes of the previous AGM held on 19th March 2012 were distributed, and accepted as an accurate record.

12th Annual Report for AGM
Charlie presented the 12th Annual Report to the AGM. After the changing of SBC Cleansing to SBC Cleaning at the foot of page 1, the report was accepted as an accurate record of the events and happenings of 2012.
The concern expressed over the falling numbers of members of the Maxton community supporting the various events on offer, led to a lengthy discussion over the way forward. It was agreed that Maxton 21 could step back from “laid-on” events and encourage individuals and other groups to organise their own events should they so wish. Maxton 21 would support these initiatives, where appropriate, letting the hall and assisting with advertising etc.
Maxton Meets would take a sabbatical for the time being.
Tom offered to act as a Co-ordinator for entertainment events, and Eileen as Charities co-ordinator for the Maxton 21 Charity for 2013 “The Special Care Baby Unit at Borders General Hospital”.
Members agreed to support Tom and Eileen in these activities.
Both would be delighted to have ideas for either field of activity. Ideas were suggested for fund raising for the charity and Eileen will discuss these further with the people involved.

Treasurer’s Report
Isobel produced the audited spreadsheet reports for the previous financial year.
The balance of the Maxton 21 account at the end of 2012 was £5843.54, which included the sum for the charity for 2012, which had still to be handed over
Jimmy proposed the accounts for 2011 be accepted. This was seconded by Charlie.
A suitable gift has been given to our auditor for her time and effort on our behalf.
(Copies of the accounts for 2012 are available from the Treasurer.)

Election of Office Bearers for 2013
The following members were elected as Office Bearers for the coming year;

Chair/Diary Jimmy Wilson Proposed by Charlie Seconded by Elvira
Vice Chair/Diary Janet Sykes Proposed by Elvira Seconded by Eileen
Secretary Charlie Denoon Proposed by Jimmy Seconded by Priscilla
Treasurer Isobel Veitch Proposed by Charlie Seconded by Jimmy

Other than information contained in the annual report, there was nothing further to add.

Other than information contained in the annual report, there was nothing further to add.

Neighbourhood Watch
The present members of the Neighbourhood Watch team have expressed a willingness to continue. Their work includes the overseeing of the new No Cold Calling Zone, as required.
The Area Co-ordinator is Charlie Denoon
The Co-ordinators are Tony and Helen Herring
The Secretary is Elvira Denoon.

Any Other Business

The AGM was concluded at 8.08 pm at which time the regular meeting of Maxton 21 commenced.

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Date: 26/03/2013