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No Cold Calling Zones within Maxton Parish

As a result of the survey done of all occupiers of houses within the parish, it has been decided that two zones will be created.
One mirrors the existing Neighbourhood Watch area viz the houses of the village which lie berween the 40mph signs on the main road, plus Grantsfield, Glebe House, and Station House and Bungalow. Signs have been erected at either end of the village to signify the new status of the village.
As more than half of the residents of Rutherford Mains approved of the scheme, it has been declared a No Cold Calling zone also. A sign has been erected on the wall of the old smiddy to show its inclusion in the scheme.
Packs of information and advice will be distributed to all those who were supportive of the scheme with instruction on where to place the red sticker to have maximum effect and how to deal with any unwanted callers. The scheme does not stop people coming to the village, but should help to emsure that they do not call on houses bearing a sticker in a prominent place.
This has been a joint exercise between Lothian & Borders Police, Maxton 21 and Maxton & Mertoun Community Council, and should those in the scheme, whose property is displaying a red sticker, have any problem with unwanted callers, who have not got the message, call Selkirk Police Station on 01750 21701.

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Date: 24/09/2012