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Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Tuesday 8th May 2012

Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Tuesday 8th May 2012

Present: Jimmy, Thomson, Charlie, Elvira, Isobel, Douglas, Ann, Ron, Tony, Helen, Eileen.

In Attendance: PC Justin Hulford

Apologies: Priscilla and PC Lorraine Matthews

Presentation on No Cold Calling Zones
The Chairman introduced PC Hulford who is at the forefront of the development of NCCZ’s in the Scottish Borders Council area. There have been a series of zones introduced in Berwickshire and more recently in Kelso and Galashiels.
PC Hulford went over the reasons behind their introduction, what they were designed to do, and what they did not do and were not meant to do. He gave examples of how they were already working in practice and how he thought they could be made to work in Maxton. Discussion then followed over whether the area under consideration should be the village area already designated for Neighbourhood Watch or the whole parish. It was agreed that the whole Parish should be considered.

PC Hulford then went over the process:
1. Distribution of an introductory letter to all households, requesting a response as to whether the scheme was thought to be a positive move.
2. Return of the letters to a central point for assessment as to whether the scheme was considered valuable enough to be introduced.
3. Decision as to whether to go ahead. If positive, then -
4. Distribution of a pack to each household giving full details of how the scheme would work in practice, how to respond to any cold callers and an official sticker for placing on the house window nearest the door.
5. The purchase and mounting of the large fixed notices declaring the area to be a No Cold Calling Zone.
6. A two week schedule for the return of initial responses was considered reasonable, after distribution. Consideration was given to the inclusion of the letters in the Church Newsletter distribution.
7. He then detailed the costs involved and the continuing level of involvement of individuals representing the community. The sum of £60 would be the contribution from Maxton for coverage of the whole parish.
8. Further contact with PC Hulford should be through PC Lorraine Matthews as our Community Liaison Officer.

PC Hulford was thanked for coming to our meeting and giving us an insight into what was possible for our area. He then left.

Previous Minutes:
The minutes of the meeting of Monday 19th March were agreed to be an accurate record.

Treasurer’s Report:
The balance currently stands at £5063.39. Income this month has come from Hall Lets and the sponsors payments for the website.

Future Events:
Maxton 21 Coffee Morning and Plant Sale on Saturday 19th May
Details of duties on the day were agreed: Door- Tony, Plants - Charlie, other stalls – Eileen and Isobel, Kitchen and Waiting – Priscilla and Thomson, Raffle – Douglas.
Priscilla to purchase all supplies for the event.
Isobel to get float.
Set up Friday evening at 7pm.
Maxton Meets
Planning for 2012 – 2013 series under way with 4 speakers already booked.

Hall Report:
Speaker damage – to be considered at a meeting of Hall Committee.
New Chairs and Tables – catalogues and recommendations have been sought from CBAVH and as funding may be available from them, a decision will be made by the Hall Committee on an application for the next meeting of CBAVH on 13th June.
Water Charges The saga continues, but CBAVH has taken this up on our behalf. It could become a test case if it is found that there are other Village Halls in the same position as ourselves.
Cleaning It was agreed that a full clean of the Hall be undertaken. Eileen to arrange.

Web Site:
All agreed payments received and account from Bordernet due this month.

Neighbourhood Watch:
Nothing to report.

Nothing to report.

Any Other Business:
Discussion of the Procedure for continuing the No Cold Calling Zone Initiative.
It was agreed that the initial stage should be proceeded with and that letters should be distributed to all houses within the Parish with a return date of two weeks clearly stated on the letter. They should be returned to Charlie at Elm Cottage who would on the due date call a meeting of the group to decide how to proceed in the light of the responses. PC Matthews would be kept informed at all stages.
Puppet Show
Charlie has given a list of possible exponents to Felicity who has agreed to look into the viability of such an event, as she has contacts with the various nursery providers and the parents who might support such an event.

Date of Next Meeting:
The next meeting of Maxton 21 will be held on Monday 13th August in Maxton Village Hall at 7.30pm. All welcome.

Post Meeting Note It has since been agreed that the whole exercise of distributing the letters should be brought forward to avoid delays with holidays etc. and that delivery of the initial letter and response should be completed by 1st June.

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Date: 09/05/2012