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Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Monday 3rd October 2011

Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Monday 3rd October 2011

Isobel, Thomson, Jimmy, Eileen, Charlie, Elvira, and Priscilla

Ann, Douglas.

Previous Minutes
Accepted as an accurate record.

Treasurer's Report
Accounts stand at 9215.05 including Charity Fund of 584.20.
Isobel still having the running battle over meter readings, and seems to have hit a brick wall of buck passing. As the gas meter is outside the Hall, we are puzzled as to why the meter reader has a problem.

Past Events
Maxton Met Annie Shanks
. Excellent turnout for top class speaker - bearer of superb Standhill cheeses.. Many thanks to Annie.

Future Events
Monday 10th October: Maxton Meets - Isabel Gordon.

Arrangements confirmed with Isabel. Ann to look after teas.
Saturday 29th October: Country and Western Themed Night. 7.30pm for 8pm.
Informal and fun. Tom to do quiz and posters. 3 dishes to be prepared by Isobel, Priscilla and Eileen. BYOB. Fancy dress optional!
Tickets, 5, in advance, from Priscilla on 01835 823392.
Notice in Local News?

Hall Report
Water Charges: Douglas has taken up the continuing saga of the sudden demand for payment of water charges from 2009, when we have been exempt since 2002 and have a letter and zero bills to prove it. After numerous unhelpful phone calls to various people in various departments, he has drafted a letter to the Chief Executive of Scottish Water asking for positive action. Consideration given to next stage if the matter is not sorted out very soon. Copies of the draft letter were distributed for comment.
Ceiling: Now plastered and drying out.
Floor: Agreed it can be cleaned with a damp mop but with water only no detergents.
Bins: Waste bins still on order.
Hall Management Guidelines: The Bridge has forwarded by e-mail, a new version of their Guidelines for Hall Management. A copy has been run off and is in the ante-room for consultation by members.

Web Site
The new statistics are showing that up to half of the previous "hits" were visits from blocked spammers, spiders and other mechanical visitors. The new system only records as "hits" genuine visitors.
Stewart Technology, formerly Vision 2020, have not kept their sponsorship up to date and will be removed from the site.

Neighbourhood Watch
Nothing to report, apart from the continuing presence of the untaxed motor vehicle of which the police are already aware.

HMS MAXTON Very enjoyable visit from Dave, Joe and Liz. The ex HMS MAXTON sailors are keen to keep up the link, and always willing to support us in any way they can.

Any Other Business
PRS for Music.
The review form for Community Buildings has been completed and returned.
Post card from BHG: a postcard from Lorna of our "Charity for 2011 - Borders Holiday Group", who have been on their trip to Germany, was handed round.
New Families: Delighted to see that we now have three young families all with children in the village.

Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held on Monday 7th November in Maxton Village Hall at 7.30pm. All welcome.

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Date: 03/10/2011