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Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Monday 29th August 2011

Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Monday 29th August 2011

Isobel, Thomson, Jimmy, Eileen, Charlie, Elvira and Priscilla.

Ann & Douglas

Previous Minutes
Accepted as an accurate record of the meeting of 11th July 2011.

Treasurer's Report
Balance stands at 9186.74 including 584.20 in the Charity Fund.

Past Events
Strawberry Tea: Very successful despite a clash with a Coffee Morning in St Boswells and torrential rain in the early afternoon. 361.60 net to the Charity. Stressed that the wearing of gloves during the preparation of the eatables was essential.

Future Events
Maxton Meets:

Programme complete:
Monday September 12th 2011: Maxton Meets - Annie Shanks of Standhill Cheesery
Monday October 10th 2011: Maxton Meets Isabel Gordon
Monday November 14th 2011: Maxton Meets Dr Cath Livingstone
Monday January 9th 2012: Maxton Meets Jake Harvey
Monday February 13th: Maxton Meets - Rowley Duncan
Monday March 8th: Maxton Meets - Kate Warner of Border Thyme

Full details on the Website, in the Hall, at Rutherford Mains and in the Information Kiosk and available on programme sheets at the first meeting.
Teas at first meeting Eileen and Priscilla

Country & Western Night Saturday 29th October. Canned music, food and fun. Details to be worked out. Possible guitar players?
Carol Singing Sunday 18th December. Usual arrangements.
Burns Supper 21st or 28th January 2012
Charlie to have talks with Derek Inglis who seemed keen to take a part in the evening, perhaps with friends. Report back to next meeting.

Suggested that something be arranged to mark Vera's departure and to thank her for the input she has had to the parish over the years. Cheese and Wine? Eileen to follow up.

Hall Report
Ceiling now reboarded but still to be skimmed when kitchen is done. Douglas Oliver to let Jimmy know when he wants to start work on the kitchen. Crockery etc will need to be moved out. Will work round Pilates times and should not cause too much inconvenience. Other events should be unaffected.
Litter Bins in Toilets. To be replaced as they are now inoperable. Jimmy to go to supplier and get 4 new ones.
Water Charges. Repeated demand for the payment of water charges when the Hall is exempted from them. Douglas trying to sort this out.

Web Site
New stats system complicated and confusing but all seems to be in order.

Neighbourhood Watch
Nothing to report.

HMS Maxton
Still trying to fix a date for Dave and Joe to visit.

Date of Next Meeting
Monday October 3rd in Maxton Village Hall at 7.30pm.

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Date: 29/08/2011