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Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Monday 11th July 2011

Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Monday 11th July 2011

Thomson, Jimmy, Eileen, Charlie, Elvira, Ann, Priscilla & Douglas.


Previous Minutes
Minutes of the meeting of 18th April were approved, the June meeting not having been quorate.

Treasurer's Report
In Isobel's absence, Charlie gave the meeting the statement of accounts which she had prepared. The account stands at 8361.

Past Events
French Night:
This had been much enjoyed by those present. Thanks to those who had made it possible.

Future Events
Strawberry Tea: Saturday 16th July.
Detailed arrangements were finalised. Setting up of Hall on Friday afternoon at 4pm. Entrants to be given a ticket for the Free Draw for a hamper. They will record their own names. Tom to sell tickets for the ordinary raffle. Space to be set aside for Lorna and Jumbulance info. Charlie to arrange float.
Helpers to be in Hall for 2pm on Saturday.

Maxton Meets: Charlie reported that the three talks for the pre-Christmas period are now agreed with the speakers, and he will produce a finished program when the rest are arranged. Meanwhile the agreed talks are on the website calendar. They have also been sent to "What's On" and "BorderEvents" to be included in the appropriate editions.

Hall Report
Roof Replacement:
Due to be done very soon and scaffolding is now in place. Agreement still to be reached about responsibility for ceiling re-instatement. Charlie to clarify.
[ Post Meeting Note SBC will re-instate the ceiling]

Web Site
Nothing new to report.

Neighbourhood Watch
Nothing to report.

HMS Maxton
The planned visit by Dave and Joe and their wives, planned for 23rd July, has had to be rescheduled, due to Charlie & Elvira no longer being available.

Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting of Maxton 21 will be held in Maxton Village Hall on Monday 29th August at 7.30pm. All residents of the Parish most welcome to come along.

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Date: 11/07/2011