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Demand Responsive Transport for Maxton?

In the Southern Reporter of 26th May 2011, it was announced that the Munro's 64 service was to be terminated. No date was given, but it was stated that Maxton, Bowden and Gattonside would be served by a demand-responsive service.

The following is taken from the SBC website:

Demand Responsive Transport
A demand-responsive transport service is basically a taxi-bus service which only runs when needed, therefore avoiding the costs (both monetary and environmental) of running empty buses.

Two different approaches to demand-responsive transport are being trialled by the council, these are;

A fixed-route service.
A variable-route service within a defined geographical area.

These trials are being monitored and (if successful) may lead to additional services across the Borders.

Watch this space!!!

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Date: 27/05/2011