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Following a "spying mission" by Rex Learmonth, and a tour of the area, in the company of the Secretary of Maxton 21, it might be of general interest to have some background information on a proposed visit to the area.

The origins of the Learmonth family in the Scottish borders dates back to Malcolm 111 who awarded a land grant in the borders to a Norman Knight named Leuremue for his services in helping to defeat Macbeth.
Coming back to more modern times, Thomas Learmonth (1721-1793) was a farmer in both Smailholm and Mertoun. This youngest son, another Thomas Learmonth (1750-1837) became the farmer of Ploughlands farm in about 1775 when he married Elizabeth Nesbit whose family were believed to have been the previous owners.
The lease of Ploughlands stayed in the Learmonth family for the next two generations with Hugh Learmonth the eldest surviving son of Thomas followed by Hugh's only son. Elizabeth Learmonth b August 1802, Thomas Learmonth's youngest daughter married the local school master (both buried in Maxton Church graveyard).
There are a large number of descendants from Thomas's family which includes myself and many others who live both in the UK and also in several other countries. However there were several other Learmonth families who were living in Earlston, Greenlaw, Hawick, Duns and further afield during the same period who were all (it is believed) from the same original origins. With modern communications we are now in touch with one another and from time to time we organise get together's. In 2007 we had a celebration in Russia and in 2009 in Australia. Most of the family who lived during the period 1721 to 1870 are buried at Clintmains and in a graveyard near Magdalenehall farm, Mertoun.
In 2011, the group are getting together in the Borders and Edinburgh and will be visiting Earlston,(home of Thomas Learmonth - the Rhymer, Maxton, Ploughlands and Mertoun, along with Learmonth, near Flodden, our "ancestral" lands.
The date is likely to be Monday 30th May.

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Date: 07/03/2011