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Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Monday 30th August 2010

Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Monday 30th August 2010

Isobel, Thomson, Jimmy, Eileen, Charlie, Elvira, and Douglas.


Previous Minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting on Monday 26th July 2010 were approved.

Treasurer's Report
The Treasurer reported that the funds stand at 7,957.08 which includes 510 in the Charity fund. Some monies are currently recorded in the wrong fund due to a misunderstanding about the sale of plants. This will be corrected.

Past Events

Future Events
13th September - Maxton Meets Dr Brian Moffat.

Posters are now out, as are entries in Border Events, What's On, Church Newsletter and Intimations.
Ann & Ron will look after teas etc.
Charlie will collect, feed and take Dr Moffat back to Fala.
1st October - Yesterday's Everyday Antiques
Entries in Border Events and Church Newsletter. Assumed that Vera will approach individuals to help.
26th November St Andrew's Night.
Suggested that Maxton 21 join with Gaelic in the Borders who have booked the Hall for a Ceilidh. Maxton 21 to benefit from the Raffle all other proceeds to Gaelic in The Borders. Maxton 21 agree, Gaelic in the Borders to approve and confirm in two weeks time.
19th December Carol Singing.
Usual arrangements.
Usual arrangements. Douglas to try to contact Steve to confirm his availability.
29th January 2011 Burns Supper
No thoughts as yet.
Sometime in February 2011
Italian Night

Hall Report
Kitchen Upgrading

Douglas Oliver has met with the Hall Committee and has recommended that:
Outside wall be insulated.
Inside walls be skimmed to create an even surface.
A more powerful water heater be installed.
Cupboards be lined at back and at the bottom, where necessary, to make them easier to keep clean.
Work surfaces remain as at present, but tiling to be carried out.
A new cooker be bought to replace the present one involves repositioning of a cupboard as modern cookers are wider than the existing one.
A new floor surface be fitted.
Douglas Oliver will provide an estimate for carrying out the work entailed in the above Maxton 21 will be responsible for the purchase of the cooker and the provision of the new flooring and decoration when work is completed.
Douglas Oliver will act as Contractor and arrange workmen as and when required electrical, plumbing, plasterer etc.
During discussion at the meeting:
It was noted that should Grant Funding be sought, more than one estimate will be required.
It was stressed that the new cooker should have rings not solid hobs.
Concern was also expressed that with the VAT increase next year, the work was unlikely to be completed in time to benefit from that.
Hall Floor
Douglas Oliver will estimate for the sanding of the Hall floor and subsequent sealing. With the floor being over 100 years old in parts, the knot problem will be severe.
Water Damage to Ceiling
It was suggested that the recent water damage be repaired by the plasterer when the kitchen is being skimmed. This will be noted.

Web Site
No progress as yet as new sponsors do not need to be in place before the Spring. Two people have been approached and are considering the matter. A third has not yet been approached.

Neighbourhood Watch
Nothing to report.

Dave Wilkinson and Heather made their annual visit. Joe and Liz could not manage.
The new Ton Talk contains an extended article on the infamous collision between HMS MAXTON and a destroyer.

Date of Next Meeting
The next scheduled meeting of Maxton 21 will be held on Monday 25th October in Maxton Village Hall at 7.30pm.

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Date: 30/08/2010