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Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Monday 27th July 2010

Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Monday 27th July 2010

Thomson, Jimmy, Eileen, Charlie, Elvira, Douglas and Ann

Priscilla and Vera

Previous Minutes
The minute of the meeting held on 27th April was agreed as an accurate record.

Treasurer's Report
In the absence of Isobel no report was made.

Past Events
Coffee Morning & Plant Sale

An excellent result with a good turnout from our own and neighbouring parishes. Proceeds (327.60) to Hall Funds.
Strawberry Afternoon Tea
Excellent planning and preparation produced an excellent result. Thanks to all who helped in any way. Maxton 21 has donated the cost of hall hire to the total.
The Borders Macmillan Centre will benefit by 351.

Future Events
Maxton Meets Programme 2010 - 2011

Monday September 13th 2010 Maxton Meets - Dr Brian Moffat
Soutra Hospital "Medicines from the Mud " - An update on the work at Soutra Mediaeval Hospital.

Monday October 11th 2010 Maxton Meets - David Roseburgh
"Family History Research Skeletons in the Cupboard?" The work of the professional researcher

Monday November 8th 2010 Maxton Meets - Gordon Jackson
Jumbulance Goes to Germany The Borders Holiday Group on tour.

Monday January 10th 2011 Maxton Meets - Norman Dodds
Improving Your Digital Photography

Monday February 14th 2011 Maxton Meets - Ian Brown
Hunting Taiga in Siberia - An illustrated trip to the wastes of Siberia.

Monday March 14th 2011 Maxton Meets - Keith Robeson
Walks in the Borders - A personalised tour of his favourite places and walks.

Yesterday's Everyday Antiques
Provisionally scheduled for 1st October. Concerns over insurance etc. Thomson to enquire regarding what other halls do for event insurance. Eileen to discuss with Vera.
St Andrew's Night 26th or 27th November - Douglas to meet with Tom to discuss
Christmas Carols Sunday 19th December. Usual arrangements.
Hogmanay usual Ceilidh Douglas to check with Steve.
Burns Supper 29th January thoughts for next meeting
Italian Night February?

Hall Report
Roof Need to check what has been found regarding the recent leak and what damage has to be repaired within the hall.
Redecoration after the above tidying up paintwork etc within the hall.
Kitchen - need to identify someone who can advise on the refurbishing, and then investigate possible contractors to give quotes.
Deep Clean suggestion that with the usage of the hall having increased, 4 times a year needed. Approved and Eileen to contact the squad. Regular, fixed dates to be agreed.
Floor Sanding possibility of having the floor sanded and sealed to be considered.
PAT Testing to be arranged by Douglas. Hunter Electrician to be used.

Web Site
With the loss of Down to Earth Health and Border Berries as sponsors, new sponsors are being actively sought. Site running smoothly with no problems.

Neighbourhood Watch
Nothing to report.

HMS Maxton
Dave and Heather are visiting the village on Sunday 31st July.
New Ton Class Magazine in Hall.

Any Other Business
No additional matters were raised.

Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting of Maxton 21 will be held in Maxton Village Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 30th August.

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Date: 27/07/2010