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9th Annual Report of Maxton 21

9th Annual Report of Maxton 21

This report has been prepared for the Annual General Meeting of Maxton 21 to be held in Maxton Village Hall on Monday 15th March 2010.

The Office-bearers of Maxton 21 during the year were:
Chairperson/Diary keeper Jimmy Wilson
Vice Chairperson/Diary keeper Thomson Irvine
Secretary Charlie Denoon
Treasurer Isobel Veitch

Events: During the year the following events were organised by Maxton 21 on behalf of the community:

Saturday 31st January 2009 – Maxton Burns Supper
Saturday 23rd May 2009 – Coffee Morning and Plant Sale
Sunday 23rd August 2009 – Maxton Homecoming Sunday
Sunday 6th December 2009 – Parish Social Afternoon
Sunday 20th December 2009 – Village Carol Singing
Wednesday 31st December 2009 – Hogmanay Ceilidh

The Homecoming Burns Supper was an excellent evening's entertainment with Rev Haisley Moore, Grant Lees and Molly Pringle as the guests from outside the parish. Christine in her reply to Grant's Lasses was in sparkling form. Molly played the keyboard for Grant and the assembled company.

Special mention must be made of Homecoming Sunday which was an outstanding success, due entirely to the effort put into the day by Dave, Bill and Joe from the Ton Class Association with their HMS MAXTON and World War 1 displays, by Bill Butler and Geoff Parkhouse with their displays of finds from the parish, by Andy for the Powerpoint presentation and all those who worked behind the scenes to keep the visitors fed and watered. As a result, the donations on the day raised £150 for our Charity for 2009 "BANG".

Maxton Village Hall Management Committee
The building works to accommodate the disabled toilets and external ramp have been completed. Painting is now complete. The heater in the anteroom has been removed and the gas supply cut off. Water pipes which went through the room to the kitchen and which are no longer required have been removed. Deep cleaning has been carried out twice in the course of the year.
During the year Hall usage has continued to increase with a new art group on Wednesday mornings and a Gaelic Learners Group on Monday evenings. Gaelic in the Borders has also used the hall for its get togethers.
The Hall is now the beneficiary of a new painting of HMS MAXTON donated by Bill Slater at Homecoming Sunday.

Maxton Meets
An excellent set of talks for 2009-10 season with numbers attending the talks significantly up on the previous year.

Maxton NC
Apart from e-mails, there has been nothing to report for the previous year.

Contact with the Ton Class Association continues with Dave and Joe having both visited the village, being joined by Bill Slater for Homecoming Sunday. Interest, beyond Bill and Dave and Joe and their wives, is still non-existent despite repeated requests in the Ton Class News.
Two copies of the News still come to the village – one is archived in the Hall, the other goes into the Hall and then into the Information Kiosk.

Maxton Parish Website
The website continues to provide up-to-date information on the Parish, with regular updates of news items from the Parish events and the inclusion of forthcoming events in the Calendar.
Throughout the country there are people with Maxton links who regularly check the site to see what is happening. With the transfer to a new server the site should be more reliable and more secure.
Approaches will be made to all our sponsors over the next few weeks for their continued and much valued support.

Neighbourhood Watch
There have been no calls from the L&B Police co-ordinators during the past year, with two requests or reports from the public of the village. Vandaliam of the 40mph lighting system and the overturning of the planters was investigated by L& B Police who failed to find any culprits. Recent damage done to material within the Information Kiosk was more an annoyance than a matter for L&B Police.
Concern regarding Bogus Callers resulted in all those thought to be at risk being visited and reminded of ways of ensuring their security. Reminders have been posted on the website, but as few of those most at risk have internet connections, the personal approach is still most useful.
Maxton Neighbourhood Watch is now a member of the Association of Scottish Neighbourhood Watches (AoSNW) which gives access to information and materials which may be of use, even in our small community. Membership is free. A new booklet has ben published and copies are available for members to borrow and return.
All residents are reminded that the Crimestoppers confidential phone line is (0800 555 111). Any member of the public can contact the police direct at the time of their concern, and such immediate contact is encouraged.

The present Co-ordination team is:
The Area Co-ordinator is Charlie Denoon.
The Co-ordinators are Tony and Helen Herring.
The Secretary is Elvira Denoon.

Maxton 21 Charity of the Year 2009 – Borders Additional Needs Group.
The Secretary and Treasurer of the Group came to Maxton and were presented with a cheque for £505.99, a record amount.
This total was boosted by a Table Top Sale organised by Vera and Eileen and by the donations from the Homecoming Sunday.
We are grateful to all those who supported our various activities which resulted in such an excellent total being raised for such a worthwhile cause.

The thanks of the Office-bearers go to everyone who has supported them during the past year, and the thanks of Maxton 21 go to all those ‘Friends of Maxton’ and members of the community who have supported the group’s events throughout the year.

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Date: 15/03/2010