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Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Monday 2nd February 2009

Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Monday 2nd February 2009

Paul, Isobel, Thomson, Jimmy, Charlie, Elvira, Priscilla & Douglas.


Previous Minutes
The Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as being a correct record.

Treasurer's Report
The Aon insurance premium, the cheque to the Maxton 21 Charity for 2008 and the PRS Licence have been paid but are still to be cleared through the bank
The net current total stands at £5173.04.
Arrangements to be made for auditing of accounts for the AGM.

Past Events
Maxton meets Richard and Bláthnaid Smart
Another excellent evening; very informative and colourful presentation and very thought provoking at the same time. Thanks to them for coming.
Homecoming Burns Supper
This was a great success and was enjoyed by all. Our thanks go to the Principals for making the evening so enjoyable, and to all those, seen and unseen, who contributed.

Future Events
Monday 9th February - Maxton meets Mark Mulhern.
Paul to set up hall, Priscilla will do teas.
Monday 2nd March - Annual General Meeting followed by Monthly Meeting
Monday 9th March – Maxton Meets Isobel Gordon
Saturday 23rd May – Coffee Morning and Plant Sale.

Hall Report
Continuation of painting to be carried out on Saturday 21st March from 9am. All the paint has now been bought.
Consideration should be given to the next project – Kitchen Improvements - as soon as the painting is complete. Grant funding to be sought. Thoughts welcome.

Web Site
32419 visitors during January.
Guestbook entry from Stella Hawkins nee Ballantyne.

Neighbourhood Watch
Nothing to report.

HMS Maxton
Nothing to report.

Any Other Business
Maxton 21 Charity for 2009
Information was provided on three possible Charities for 2009:
New Horizons (Borders)
Friends of Borders General Hospital 21st Birthday Appeal
Borders Additional Needs Group (BANG).

After discussion, the majority felt that BANG was the most appropriate.
The group will be informed of our decision, and invited to send a representative to the Coffee Morning and Plant Sale in May.

Maxton Homecoming Sunday 2009.
It was proposed that a Sunday in the summer be set aside to welcome persons with Maxton links back to the Parish. By making it either the second or fourth Sunday there would be a service in the church for those who wished to attend. Douglas to check with the Parish Minister to fix an appropriate date.
The Hall would be open for Coffees from 10am, Soup and Crusty Bread from 1pm and Teas in the afternoon till 4pm. Visitors welcome at any time during those hours.
Discussion to take place regarding what will be available in the Hall for visitors to see – suggested - continuous Power Point presentation of old photos and videos of events 2008. More ideas welcome.

Minute of Maxton & Mertoun Community Council Meeting of 27th November 2008.
An item reported under AOCB in the Minutes of Maxton & Mertoun Community Council's meeting of Thursday 27th November 2008 was brought to the attention of the meeting.
Those present were agreed that the content of the minute was inaccurate as it made reference to an event which had not happened.
During discussion it was agreed that:
No meeting of Maxton 21 had ever asked a member of the group to approach anyone in the Maxton Community to remove their legally parked vehicles from the Car Park.
Maxton 21 is fully aware of the status of the car park and what can and can not be legally parked there.
No representative of Maxton 21 approached any member of the public to request removal of a road-legal vehicle.
Concern was expressed that two members of Maxton 21, who were present at the CC meeting, had informed them that their information was incorrect, but this would seem to have been ignored.
It was agreed that the Secretary would write to the Community Council expressing the concerns of the Maxton 21 meeting.

Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting, which will be the Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 2nd March in Maxton Village Hall at 7.30pm.

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Date: 02/02/2009