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Maxton Met Mark Mulhern

Maxton Met Mark Mulhern
17 hardy souls braved the snow and cold to meet Mark this evening.
Mark is a researcher with the European Ethnological Research Centre, which is concerned with promoting research into Scottish life and publishing the results.
He is editor of the "Flashbacks" series, the latest of which tells the story of George "Celery" Taylor who went from Hownam to Kalamazoo, where he founded the celery industry.
Mark read excerpts from the book and pointed out the ways in which George's account of his life gave insights into the life style of the times - work, domestic, medical etc etc.
We thank Mark for giving of his time to explain the workings of the group for whom he works and the range of areas within the life of the Scots with which they are involved.

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Date: 09/02/2009