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Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Monday 5th January 2009

Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Monday 5th January 2009

Isobel, Thomson, Jimmy, Eileen, Charlie, Elvira, Priscilla & Douglas.

Paul, Tom

Previous Minutes
The minutes of the meeting of 1st December 2008 were accepted as being a correct record.

Treasurer's Report
The balance in our account, with no outstanding bills, is £5441.21.
This amount includes the cheque for our "Charity for 2008" which totals £468.18p. This cheque will be presented to The Princess Royal Trust for Carers later in the month.
The profit from the Hogmanay Ceilidh was £125.26 which will be the starter for our Maxton 21 "Charity for 2009".

Past Events
Hogmanay Ceilidh.

Maxton revellers celebrated the New Year with music, song and dance at a friendly ceilidh in the village hall. Special highlights were Tom’s Tartan Medley - a sort of vocal ‘Mexican Wave’ - that got everyone singing, piping selections from Paul Mitchell, and the multi-talented Jessica Bennett who played the saxophone and gave a display of Highland Dancing.
The ceilidh was supported by folks from the parish, returning Maxtonians and some welcome ‘first-timers’ from the surrounding area, all of whom entered into the fun of the evening and contributed to its success.
Thanks to everyone who helped with the organisation both prior to the event and on the night itself.
Steve was very much in our thoughts throughout the evening and all his friends in Maxton send him very best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.

Future Events
Monday 12th January - Maxton Meets: Richard Smart.

Arrangements in Eileen's hands. Priscilla will help with teas.
Saturday 31st January – Maxton 21 Homecoming Burns Supper.
7.30pm for 8pm start.
Tickets £5 from Priscilla (01835 823392)

Selkirk Grace – Sheila Moir
Address to the Haggis – Thomson Irvine
Immortal Memory – Haisley Moore
Toast to the Lasses – Grant Lees
Reply – Christine Irvine
Keyboards – Molly Pringle
Haggis Bearer – Tom Veitch

Catering arrangements were finalised.
Set up on Friday evening at 7pm.
Charlie will collect the keyboard on Friday morning and return it the following Monday morning.

Hall Report
A day for painting has been proposed - Saturday 21st March.
Douglas will check the loop system prior to the Burns Supper, in consultation with Paul.
The new Insurance Certificate has been received, as has the PRS licence.

Web Site
Continuing to have high user numbers – again over 30,000 for December.
An e-mail had been received wishing Seasonal Best Wishes from John and Jane Holliday.

Neighbourhood Watch
A message regarding Bogus callers has been received via the Community Council. This has been posted and those villagers thought to be at most risk have been visited.
Concern was expressed that the L&B Police had not contacted Neighbourhood Watch direct.

The new edition of Ton Talk is now posted in the Hall.
Seasonal Greetings had been received from our HMS MAXTON friends – Dave and Joe.

Any Other Business
Charity for 2009.

Suggestions for an appropriate local charity will be welcomed as a decision will be made at the next meeting.
Date of AGM
The AGM will be held in Maxton Village Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 2nd March 2009.
Date for Coffee Morning and Plant Sale.
As dates are needed for the next edition of BRC's What's On, which covers March April and May a date was set for the Coffee Morning and Plant Sale – Saturday 23rd May 2009.
Ceilidh Dances
It was suggested that consideration be given to re-introducing Ceilidh Dances as Fund Raisers following the interest shown at the Hogmanay Ceilidh.
North Carolina Contacts
Our friends in Maxton NC have been in touch with Priscilla and send their greetings to us all.

Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting of Maxton 21 will be held on Monday 2nd February in Maxton Village Hall at 7.30pm. All welcome.

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Date: 06/01/2009