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Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Monday 3rd November 2008

Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting held on Monday 3rd November 2008

Isobel, Thomson, Jimmy, Charlie, Elvira, Priscilla & Douglas.

Eileen, Paul

Previous Minutes
Agreed as an accurate record of the meeting.

Treasurer's Report
The Treasurer expressed her pleasure that the income from lettings was being maintained and was pleased to inform the meeting that the current balance stands at 5344.90. Monies which are currently in the general account and which should be part of the Charity for 2008 presentation will be transferred to the correct section of the accounts.

Past Events
Maxton Meets - Grant Lees. Another excellent evening's entertainment with a turnout approaching 40. Thanks to Grant for an informative and amusing presentation.

Future Events
10th November - Maxton Meets Emma Emmerson. All arranged with Charlie to set up and Priscilla to look after teas.
22nd November Riddell Fiddles St Andrew's Night Concert. Posters now available. Charlie will be on the door. Teas etc at half time and a Raffle.
7th December Parish Social in the Hall. 2.30pm set up, 3pm start. Priscilla to do mulled wine.
21st December Carol Singing in Maxton Village. Meet at the Car Park at 6.30pm. Lanterns/torches would be useful, festive dress optional. Carol sheets are provided. Refreshments at Elm Cottage afterwards, as usual.
31st December Hogmanay. As Steve is recovering from a spell in hospital, his taking part must be in serious doubt, therefore other accordionists and performers are being sought. Douglas to check on Performing Rights regulations should the event need to be a pre-recorded one. Final decision of what will happen to be taken at the next meeting.
12th January 2009 Maxton Meets - Richard Smart. Eileen is making the arrangements for Richard's visit.

Hall Report
Painting continuing, thanks to Jimmy, but a weekend will be arranged for finishing.

Web Site
33655 visits to the site in October, back to par for the course.

Neighbourhood Watch
Nothing to report.

HMS Maxton
Nothing to report.

Any Other Business
Concern was raised about the continuing presence of the caravan in the Car Park. Space is already limited with residents' cars being parked there, and visitors to the Hall are having to park elsewhere.
[The owners of the caravan have stated that they will be removing it within a week and taking it to its winter storage. This is now confirmed. Sec.]

Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting of Maxton 21 will be held in Maxton Village Hall on Monday 1st December at 7.30pm.

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Date: 03/11/2008