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Minutes of Maxton 21 AGM held on Monday 17th March 2008

Amended Minutes of Maxton 21 AGM held on Monday 17th March 2008

Person Present
Paul, Rosi, Jimmy, Priscilla, Thomson, Isobel, Charlie, Elvira, Eileen & Douglas

Ron and Ann

Chairpersonís Report
Paul read out the Chairpersonís report for the previous year. The report was accepted as a true account of the previous year.

Two points were raised from discussions of the report. Firstly, it was proposed that the hall is professionally cleaned at least twice a year. Secondly, it was proposed that the current hall hire charges be reviewed to bring us into line with other halls.

Both of these points were accepted by the group and will be discussed at the next meeting of the hall committee.

Treasurerís Report
Isobel presented the treasurerís report.
Following an audit of the accounts, it has been suggested that we obtain a receipt to cover cash payments made for example as expenses for Maxton Meets speakers or where cash is made for purchases. This suggestion was accepted by those present.

Paul proposed we accept the accounts and Isobel seconded.
Paul thanked Isobel for presenting the report and also thanked Ron for his work as Treasurer during the previous year.

It was also suggested that we buy a £30.00 book token for Jeanette who prepared the accounts for us this year as a token of our gratitude. This was accepted. Paul will buy the token.

Election of Office Bearers for 2008
Jimmy Wilson
- Proposed by Thomson Irvine, seconded by Elvira Denoon

Vice Chair
Thomson Irvine
- Proposed by Isobel Veitch, seconded by Eileen Smart

Charlie Denoon
- Proposed by Jimmy Wilson, seconded by Thomson Irvine

Isobel Veitch
- Proposed by Charlie Denoon, seconded by Rosemary Dean

HMS Maxton & Website: Charlie has confirmed that he is willing to carry on with this role.

Neighbourhood Watch: Charlie with the help of Elvira and Tony & Helen Herring are willing to carry on with this committee.

Paul thanked all the office bearers for their work over the year and to everyone involved with Maxton 21 for their help and hard work.

Priscilla thanked Paul for his work as Chairperson during the previous two years.

The AGM was concluded at 8pm

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Date: 29/04/2008