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Maxton Met - Oliver Eade

A fascinated audience was treated to a personal but intense view of China, gathered from Oliver's visits to China over the years. The changing face of China, mainly in the cities, was contrasted with the way of life in the countryside which, in some places, may not have changed for a thousand years.
Oliver took us to the places visited by the tourist travellers in their groups, but also to the small towns with their poverty stricken people whose future has become bleak, as farm workers, the mainstay of the Chinese economy and food supply, have been drawn to the towns and cities with their factory work and bright lights.

Maxton 21 thanks Oliver for sharing with us his view of China today, and his concerns about the world economy which is based on cheap products made in China, at the expense of our own home economic future.

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Date: 15/01/2008