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Minutes of Maxton 21 Meeting of 11th June 2007


Charlie, Douglas, Eileen (minutes), Isabel, Priscilla (chair), Ron, Thompson & Vera.

APOLOGIES: Elvira, Jimmy, Paul, Rosemary and Tom

The minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed.

Vera has been in touch with Sibylle Alexander with regards to Maxton Meets.

The report was the same as last time with the additions of the money from the Coffee Morning which raised 322 in total. This included 54 from the raffle which will go to charity and 150 from the plant stall. Money for the rent of the hall comes to 135, making an overall total of 457. Charlie intimated that 100 from his pre-sold plants will go to charity.

Vera asked if the dates for the coffee morning could be arranged not to clash with other coffee mornings in the future. It was not thought this was possible as so many similar events were happening at this time of year.

Italian Evening 16th June 7.30.
There are approx 30 people at the moment wishing to come to this event. The following arrangements for catering
were made. Vera - a chicken dish: Priscilla - a veggie dish and salad: Eileen- Risotto and Tiramisu: Anne & Ron - Cheese/breads/ pudding: Thomson - salami: kosi ~ a pasta dish: Isobel- salad.
Eileen and Richard would organise an Italian themed quiz and Paul would supply the music.
The hall to be set up on Friday evening at 7.00.

BBQ - 7th July - (3.30 start for 4.00 pm)
Mertoun Estate are to be asked if they will cut the grass in the Glebe field before this event as it would be easier for the kiteman to fly his kites.
It was decided to make a set time for eating (4.00 pm) this year.
The BBQ is for the Parish and friends and will cost 2 per adult and 1 per child.
The burgers to be purchased from the butcher in St Boswells and the rolls from the general store next door.
The event will be advertised in the parish newsletter and on the website.

Vera wondered about croquet, but it was thought the grass was too long, Thomson said he would cut a square so this can be made feasible.

The big barrel BBQ is to be used and there are l 1/2 bags of charcoal left from last time.

Names to be given to either Ron (01835 822795) or Paul (01835 823571 by 1st July

The group was told that there is now an Entertainment Licence. Ron reported that he would make an Action Plan for Fire Safety and said it was important to be aware of the Fire Regulations, a copy of which has to be on the notice board. Ron will give a brief about this at the next meeting.

The improvement work is looking at lighting in the toilet. Toilet holders were needed in the disabled toilet. Progress is being made with the painting. The disabled access is the next stage. Douglas said work has been done according to plan.

Various permutations of changing/toilet were discussed and this would be checked out with Building Control. Isobel mentioned the disabled toilet should be accessible from the outside.

In May there were 16522 people looking at the site.
The most popular pages being The Buccleuch Hotel, Nature Calendar, Serviceline, Parish News and Burnside Farm Foods. The sponsors reported they are doing OK with the site.

Charlie had heard from the Community Safety Officer and will study the report and respond in due time. Nothing else to report in the village, all quiet.

Nothing to report

Five speakers have been confirmed for the Maxton Meets series of talks, it was pointed out that all dates would need to be confirmed for the magazine by 1st July.

There was then a discussion regarding the criteria of subjects for Maxton Meets.

Priscilla had a card for Gordon Grant to thank him for donating the hostess trolley to the hall and for all his help. She is to tell him that 30 is going to charity in recognition of his gift to us.

It was agreed that there will continue to be a rolling secretary and that Isobel will take the minutes at the next meeting which will be on Monday 2nd July to discuss the BBQ.

The next meeting of Maxton 21 will be Monday 3rd September.

The meeting was then closed.

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Date: 14/06/2007