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Maxton Met - Elly Hamilton Red Squirrel Conservation Officer for the Borders

To kick off the 2006/07 season of 'Maxton Meets', Elly Hamilton, who is the Red Squirrel Conservation Officer for the Borders, came to the village hall to discuss the plight of the Red Squirrel in Scotland and explain some of
the steps that were being taken to preserve one of the country's native species of wildlife.

With some beautiful pictures taken by local naturalist photographers and a great talk given by Elly, the evening was enjoyed by everyone who attended.

Out thanks to Elly for starting off this season's talks so well.

As part of the 'Red Squirrel Week' from 30th September 2006 to 8th October 2006, there will be an event at Paxton House on 5th October 2006 between 1.30 and 3.30 for anyone interested in Red Squirrel conservation.

For more information on Red Squirrels you can visit the Red Squirrels in Scotland web page at:
Red Squirrels in Scotland

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Date: 12/09/2006