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Maxton Met - Lori Watson

What a treat! Last night Maxton Village Hall was filled with the sound of fiddle playing at its very best. Lori explained the Borders Tradition of fiddle playing and, how having begun as entertainment in the farmsteads, it developed into performance.
Comparisons with the other Scottish Fiddle Traditions, such as those in Shetland , were ably demonstrated.

Lori, although only 22 years of age, has ten years of performing behind her, having been a founder member of the Small Hall Band and having been a member of the Borders ceilidh band - Clarty Clout.

Lori, with a group of other young musicians, has produced a CD "Border Young Fiddles", one of in the series called "Border Traditions".

We thank Lori for coming and giving Maxton a very enjoyable evening.

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Date: 15/02/2005