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Fourth Annual Report of Maxton 21


This report has been prepared for the Annual General Meeting of Maxton 21 to be held in Maxton Village Hall on 7th February 2005.

The Officebearers of Maxton 21 during the year were:
Chairperson Priscilla Scott
Vice Chairperson Thomson Irvine
Secretary Charlie Denoon
Treasurer Jacqui Ramage

Events: During the year 2004, the following events were organised by Maxton 21 for the benefit of the community:
Hogmanay Ceilidh
The Burns Supper
Quiz Night with Visiting Guest Teams
Coffee Morning and Plant Sale
Coffee Morning for 10th Anniversary of Lottery Funding
2 Visits from Kenspeckle Puppets
American Independence Day BBQ
St Andrew's Night Concert with Iain Fraser and Ian Lowthian
Parish Social a pre Christmas get-together
Village Carol Singing
Maxton Meets - a Series of six talks ongoing.

Bonfire Nights
Last year, 2003, the Bonfire Night was cancelled on the advice of the Fire Brigade who could not guarantee cover on the night. As a result of the new regulations covering organised firework displays and events, and the cost of sufficient insurance cover for the evening, bonfire nights are no longer possible.

Maxton Village Hall Management Committee
This sub committee of Maxton 21 has continued the improvement programme for the Hall and has managed the letting and use of the Hall.
The upgrading of the lighting and sound systems is now complete, and the new curtains for the stage and midway been delivered and hung.
Maintenance work in the toilets has been continued, and a set of adjustable step ladders has been purchased with grant money fron the Central Borders Association of Village Halls.
Regular bookings continue with the Maxton & Mertoun Guild and the MS Society Borders Branch.
With the Disablement Access Regulations having come into force, continuing consideration is being given to the changes which may need to be made to make the toilet areas comply.
The Office Bearers thank the members of the Hall Sub-Committee for all their work during the past year.

Environmental Group
This group has continued the maintenance of the two cultivated areas within the village.

Borders Bio-diversity Survey.
As reported at the Maxton Meets - Jon Mercer, the results of the survey were disappointing as very few households made any return. We are fortunate to have the recording group working in the region and we would encourage householders to take time to complete and return their record sheets. Replacement copies are available from Charlie.

This group has not met during the year, formally, but individuals have continued the recording of the records for their own areas.

Maxton Meets
A new series of talks is now midway through its season, with an excellent attendance at these evenings. An encouraging number of visitors from the adjoining parishes have boosted the numbers.

Maxton NC
Our link continues, with updates on happenings still coming from Nell. We have had a guestbook entry from a bride-to-be who is coming over to Scotland on her honeymoon and hopes to visit in late June or early July.

Maxton Parish Website
The site goes from strength to strength with a steady and continuing increase in the numbers accessing the site.
A large part of this is due to the inclusion of the Naturewatch Calendar, provided by the SBC Ranger Service, which details walks, talks, exhibitions and other events of interest to the nature lover and to all interested in the outdoors. It is hoped to repeat this Calendar next year, permission being granted and the details being supplied.
The monthly access figures for the site have risen from 4651 in January 2002 to 12121 in December 2002, on to 15892 in December 2003 and has peaked in 2004 at the monthly total of 21285 in September.
All the existing sponsors have continued, but the coming year may see a change, as one sponsor whose business is now mainly aimed at the overseas market may not renew his support. A replacement will be sought should that turn out to be the case.
The Guestbook is now moderated within the group and has reached 127 entries, all of which are permanently available on the site.

Neighbourhood Watch
This sub-committee has once again had a very quiet year.
The Area Co-ordinator is Charlie Denoon
The Co-ordinators are Gordon Grant and Helen Herring
The Secretary is Elvira Denoon

The Area Co-ordinator is now linked by e-mail with the Community Policing Section of Lothian & Borders Police, so that messages for the community can be sent out more speedily from Hawick. So far, no e-mails have been received.

There continues to be a disappointing lack of interest from the 'Maxton Mafia'. Another letter, for publication in the February 2005 issue of "Ton Talk" has been sent to the magazine, inviting former members of the crew of HMS MAXTON to get in touch. Roy Edwards, our link person, keeps in touch, and is still keen to see the link develop, but as time passes the numbers of 'Maxton Mafia' decrease.

Charity of the Year 2004 'Multiple Sclerosis Society (Borders Branch)'.
At the Hogmanay Ceilidh, Maxton 21 was pleased to be able to hand over a cheque for 326.25 to Dawn Platt, representing the MS Society (Borders Branch).

Programme of Events for 2005
The programme will be formalised at the next regular meeting of Maxton 21. Ideas for events will be welcome at that meeting.

Audited Accounts
A copy of the audited accounts for Maxton 21 and Maxton Village Hall for the Calendar Year 2004 can be obtained from the Treasurer

The thanks of the Office-bearers go to all those who have supported them during the year, and the thanks of Maxton 21 go to all those 'Friends of Maxton' and members of the community who have supported the group's events throughout the year.

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Date: 12/02/2005