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Maxton 21 Grand Quiz Night

On Saturday night, Maxton Village Hall saw 15 teams competing in the Annual Maxton 21 Quiz Night. Much head-scratching and deep thought, as well as actual knowledge, led to "The Hairy Dugs" a Smailholm/ Gordon alliance scraping home from "Retyred but not Retreaded" - a Maxton/St Boswells combo by the smallest possible margin.

Great fun was had by all present and credit for the success of the evening must go to Jacqui, Ian, Isobel and Tom who spent weeks researching and compiling a set of questions which gave all ages and all specialisms a fair chance. They also, knowing the questions, knew the answers, and so ran the event on the night. Without them there would have been no Quiz Night and the thanks of all go to them.

Thanks also to all those who put teams together and came to have the fun which is guaranteed at Maxton 21 events. For those who have not been to a Maxton 21 event, keep your eye on the calendar, then come and join us.

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Date: 29/03/2004