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Sheila Campbell - "Maxton" - the Poem

Ettrick poet, Sheila Campbell, wrote this poem specially for her visit, with Walter Elliot, to Maxton Meets . We thank her for permission to "spread the word".

"Maxton hes a history, ower a thoosand years some sae
when the Kirk opened its door tae worship, fowk rallied roon tae pray,
little did they ken, they were on the edge oh St Cuthbert’s Way

It took a hunder years tae decide the name – though they tried wi aa their might
Frae Maccus the Saxon settler whae was a leadin light,
the spellin changed aroond 8 times til they finally got it right

Yince ower fower thoosand fowk chose Maxton as their toun,
raiders durin warrin times tried tae raise it tae the groon.
the message sent oot lood and clear - ye’ll no keep Maxtonians doon

Maxton’s born some important fowk, Mr Jessimen , MPs, a Poet,
aa can stake their claim
the 17th Abbot oh Melrose is there nae limit tae yer fame.
there’s even a Royal Navy ship that proodly bears yer name

Bit the wunds o’ change hev blawn thru, yer buildin trade yince the cream.
twae pubs and shops, a schuill for kids, an a Smiddy on the Green
sadly ye cannae support them noo, bit ye can still see where they’ve been

Yer noo a tiny settlement, ye deh see bairns playin oot alas.
The traffic gan thro Maxton takes jist saiconds till its past
Its no jist that the village, is smaa, its cos the cars are gan sae fast

Wi the comin oh the Millenium Year, ye gethered roon tae see.
what could ye dae tae celebrate, tae leave yer merk on history.
Come on fowks, rack yer brains oo only need a thocht or three!

Ideas poored oot thick and fast, the plans wud tak a’ year tae call.
Flooer beds, panels, social events, and a face lift for the village hall
Ah bet Carnaigie wud be awfy pleased wi yer efforts yin and all.

So whae were aa thar fowk, the yins that hatched the plot?
The movers and shakers oh Maxton – ah ken there are a lot
An ah believe that the Chairmanship is doun tae Priscilla Scott

Bit there’s mony mair and its only fair, ah mention the heid oh transport branded
Withoot a car she’d no get far, she was fiert she wud be stranded!
So Vera Holbrook fought the cause and restored yer bus service single-handed.

Charles A R Denoon, there’s nae limit tae what he sees.
Its safe tae gan off tae yer work or dae whitiver ye micht please
kennin Charles is on his neeberhood watch he’s alert tae potential thieves

There’s sae mony fowk that dae guid work, it’d tak aa night tae dae a check.
Bit ah cannae leave Joe Duguid whae fixes onythin ee brek
Or yer grand auld Octagenarian, livin history - Ruth Klebek

Ye’ve hed yer ain music composed, that sets yersells aside
Where else bit Maxton Ceilidh – could ee lairn the Maxton Pally glide
wi yer ain resident coach tae gie advice as ye get intae yer stride.

Steve Kendall at the accordian, gie him music and he’ll play-it
Ye hev some right guid nights and it’s the company that hes made it.
Jackie might dance the sailors hornpipe – if she cun only be persuaded.

Ian is yer panto king – he makes an hilarious, smashin dame
Maxton’s Maid Matilda – wud pit professionals tae shame.
Ah’ve seen the colour oh his wigs – he must be awfy game

Its essential at yer social events tae gie sustinence tae yer group
That’s where Isabel Wilson helps, wi a dish fit tae feast the troops
An awbdies fair beside themsells, tae savour her Mental Lentil soup

At Christmas time ye spread guid cheer, when the grund is cauld and crispy,
chorusters whurl roon Maxton, singin carols sae clear and wispy,
neeboors help keep yer spirits up wi mulled wine that gets ye tipsy

The village hall’s the focal point for the community tae share
It hes the Millenium capsule buried underneath its flair
Ah wunder what yer ancaistors ’ll think in a hunder years or mair?

As tourists tramp thro Maxton, extollin St Cuthbert’s wundrous deeds
they’ll picnic in yer shelter, on sweets, and fruit and breids,
they wunnae ken they’ve you tae thenk for the roof abin their heids

This stories been a tribute tae Maxton 2000 and Maxton 21.
The village is better for yer work, and at least ye’ve hed some fun
Deh let it lapse Maxtonians – the fun hes jist begun.

Priscilla wants tae leave her chair – so there’ll be a vacant seat
Step forrit volunteers think on it as a “special” treat
Ah’ll jist finish there bi wishin ee aa the best – for the next time Maxton Meets."

Sheila Campbell
Poems 4 U

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Date: 04/12/2003