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999 or 101?

Always call 999 if:
• someone is threatened or in danger.
• a crime is happening
• someone suspected of a crime is nearby
• someone is injured

Use 101 when you don't need an emergency response.
For example:
• if you’ve had a minor traffic accident
• if your property has been vandalised
• if your car has been stolen
• if you suspect drug dealing
• if you’ve witnessed a crime
• if you’ve seen a missing person
• if you need crime prevention advice
• if you want to speak to a local police officer

Just this week we heard from a coordinator in Pitlochry about one of the NW members there who had seen a crime in progress and called 999. This resulted in a very quick apprehension of the suspects, which the local police believe would not have happened if not for the call. Where there is genuine need for a 999 call, the Police encourage you to use it.

Dial 101 any time it isn't 999.

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Date: 04/04/2014