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Safer Internet Day 2014

Today is Safer Internet Day 2014.

Technology can be baffling for many of us because it changes so quickly. However, it's highly likely that any children in your life will be completely up-to-date on the latest online gaming craze or social networking site.

While the internet opens up new exciting opportunities for adults and children alike, it's important to recognise the risks associated with its use, and take steps to minimise these.

Take a little time today and browse through the links below to familiarise yourself with what you and your family can do to ensure that you are all kept safe online.

Advice for Parents and Carers from the UK Safer Internet Centre

How to set up parental controls: Parental Controls

A list of links to advice on a range of topics: Links to Advice

Parents' Guide to Technology: Parental Guide to Technology

We Think You Know has a range of resources for different age groups, as well as parents and teachers

Police Scotland's advice on online safety: Police Scotland Advice

Let's create a better internet together.

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Date: 11/02/2014