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Be Safe at Christmas

Itís that time of year again! Before the festive season really kicks in, we thought weíd bring you some advice from our partners so that you can keep yourself and others safe. Youíll find advice from Police Scotland, Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, Trading Standards Scotland and the Suzy Lamplugh Trust.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who is involved in Neighbourhood Watch. You play an important role in building safer communities all year round. Please have a happy and

Superintendent Grahame Clarke, from Police Scotland Safer Communities Department said: ďAt this time of year everyone is busy making preparations for what most deem the most wonderful time of the year. On the run up to Christmas and when celebrating with friends and family take a moment to think about some seasonal precautions.

When out shopping, look after your bags and valuables. Do not leave bags unattended - when in restaurants and shops, always keep them where they can be clearly seen. Donít carry more money than you need, taking care to hide your PIN number when using an ATM and putting your money in your wallet/bag before leaving. Donít walk about with lots of cash in your hands.

At home, donít leave gifts in plain sight, make sure your doors and windows are locked when you go out, and use your security alarm if you have one. Itís a good idea to put timers on lights and consider leaving a radio on. Donít make it obvious that your house is unattended.

If youíre going away for Christmas, remember to cancel any deliveries you get, like newspapers or milk and if youíre on good terms with a neighbour you trust, think about leaving your contact details and a key with them. Ask them to move mail away from the door to prevent it piling up (which happens more easily at this time of year with Christmas cards arriving), draw the curtains and put your bins out as normal so it looks like someone is still at home.

If you are socialising, stay in control of your drinking, stay with friends, and plan how youíre getting home. If you can, pre-book a licensed taxi, travel home with friends, and have your keys to hand when you get home.

Finally, look out for your neighbours, particularly for elderly or vulnerable people in cold weather. Be vigilant for curtains not being open when they normally would be or deliveries gathering around the door if you know the person is at home.
Police Scotland will be working hard this Christmas to keep people safe and by following our ĎChristmas Stay Safeí advice, we can all enjoy a happy and peaceful festive season

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Date: 02/12/2013