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Weather Warning - Thunderstorms

Weather Warning - Thunderstorms

We may experience some quite unsettled weather this week with two separate YELLOW be aware weather warnings issued by the Met Office for Thunderstorms on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Where these Thunderstorms develop you may experience flash flooding on roads and small watercourses, with difficult driving conditions as drains may struggle to cope with the volume of water. Some properties may be at risk from flash flooding and there may be disruption to power supplies from lightning. If your property is at risk of flooding be prepared and have your flood protection barriers ready and sandbags can be sourced from your local fire station or community store if you have one.

The storms will develop in the afternoon and evenings and can occur anywhere. It is difficult to predict where the storms may occur and they could be quite localised.

For further information on the extent of the warnings you can follow this link to the Met Office website

Weather Warning

For information on how to report a Power Cut or to find out who your supplier is or advice on what to do in a power cut then dial 105 from your phone it is a free service or check out the UK Power Cut website in advance.

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Date: 09/07/2019