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Thefts Of Tools From Vans

Thefts Of Tools From Vans

Following a recent spate of overnight thefts of high value tools from vans in the Scottish Borders, Police are urging trade van owners to review their security measures to ensure they are suitable for vehicles and their contents;
• Ideally, remove high value tools from the vehicle at the end of the day.
Consider applying stickers to the van stating that no tools are left in the van overnight.
• If this is not practical, use in-van tool safes that are robustly locked and secured to the frame of the van.
• Consider changing the vehicle’s original locks for ones that are resistant to lock pick devices such as Tibbe lock picks.
• Install additional dead bolt locks and/or hook locks on doors to prevent access if the main locking system is overcome.
• Consider in-van alarms (low-cost, free standing, battery operated vibration sensitive alarms are readily available)
• Security mark your high value tools (e.g. with a DNA-based marking system) AND affix signage to the van to this effect.
• Park the vehicle to restrict access to rear or side doors e.g. back to back with another vehicle or backing onto a wall.
• Park the vehicle in a well-lit, overlooked, location. If your vehicle is parked outside your house consider installing a security light directly illuminating it.

Please report any ongoing suspicious activity to Police via 999 or via 101 if not ongoing.

Message Sent By
Nick Walker (Police Scotland, Constable, Scottish Borders)

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Date: 17/04/2019