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Preventing Bicycle Theft

A number of areas in Scotland are experiencing bicycle thefts at the moment.

Police Scotland are urging people to take care and follow this advice:

If your bike is stored in a common stairwell:
• Make sure your door entry system is working.
• Don’t let strangers into the stairwell.
• Don’t leave the front door wedged open.
• Make sure the back door is locked.
• Lock your bike with two locks to a secure banister, bicycle rack or ground anchor.

If your bike is stored in a shed or garage:
• Keep the door locked.
• Fit a good quality padlock to the door, using non-return screws.
• Cover windows with old curtains and fit wire mesh inside.
• Install a shed/garage alarm.
• Lock your bike with two locks to a ground anchor.

Protecting your bike:
• Photograph your bike, take down all your bike details in a bike passport and keep it in a safe place.
• Find and note your bike serial number – usually on crankshaft, underneath pedals.
• Insure your bike, either on contents insurance or separately.
• Security mark the frame with UV pen or other method. Mark your bike with your initials and post code or some other personalised mark that is unique to you.
• Lock your bike, don’t lose it – and think about where you leave it.

Out and about:
• Lock your bike up every time you leave it, even for a few minutes.
• Use good locks: good quality D-locks or thick cable locks are the most secure.
• Ideally, use two different types of locks – a thief will need more tools to steal it.
• Lock through the frame and wheel to an immovable object, such as a bike rack, tree, or lamppost.
• Lock your bike in a busy, well-lit place, in view of other people or CCTV cameras.
• Make the lock and bike hard to move when parked.
• Remove accessories such as lights, pumps, water bottles, saddles and saddlebags.
• Vary your routine: lock up your bike in different ways and place.

Visit the Police Scotland website to see what you should do if you are a victim of bicycle theft.

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Date: 09/08/2013