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Police Scotland - Scam Alert

Police Scotland - Scam Alert

Police would like to make residents in the Scottish Borders aware of new scam. Residents are contacted via their land line number by a person claiming to be from BT. The caller states that hackers are using the residentís line and that the resident could assist in trapping the hacker.

The caller then requests that the resident downloads an App that provides the caller with access to the residentís computer. The scammer then asks the resident to open their online banking. The scammer then goes through a series of transactions in attempts to gain significant amounts of money from the bank account.

Legitimate companies such as BT, Sky, HMRC, Banks and Building Societies will NEVER phone you and ask to gain access to your computer, or online bank accounts.

Never give personal details out to someone you do not know.

Advice on how to protect yourself or your family members from scams can be found in the booklets at the below links:

The Little Book of Big Scams

The Little Book of Cyber Scams

Message Sent By
Kirsty Neish (Police Scotland, Constable, Scottish Borders)

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Date: 02/11/2018