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Rural Crime - Fuel Theft - West Linton

Rural Crime - Fuel Theft - West Linton

Following the theft of 1000 litres of fuel oil from a rural location near West Linton we would offer the following prevention advice:-

Locking your fuel tank cut off valve with a strong closed shackle padlock and chain.
If the tank is situated outside consider building a security cage around it.
Locate your fuel tank in a suitable building where it can be locked away.
Switch off the electricity supply to electrical pumps when not in use.
Be aware of suspicious vehicles nearby when fuel is delivered, thieves may follow delivery vehicles.
Ask the delivery driver if they have noticed any suspicious vehicles or behaviour.
Consider security lights and motion detectors to deter thieves.
Consider fitting a fuel tank alarm.
Consider using a mobile bowser that can be moved to a secure location when not in use.
Regularly check your fuel level and report any losses.
For further crime prevention advice follow the link to our website - or alternatively phone 101 and ask for your local Community Officer.

Message Sent By
Nick Walker (Police Scotland, Constable, Scottish Borders)

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Date: 28/08/2018