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SEPA - Vulnerable Area Consultation

SEPA – Consultation

Scotland’s Potentially Vulnerable Areas – your views count!
The Scottish Environment Protection Agency’s (SEPA’s) national consultation on the designation of areas which are potentially vulnerable to flooding is now open, and SEPA want your views.
Potentially Vulnerable Areas (PVAs) are where significant flood risk exists now or is likely to occur in the future. They are identified as part of the National Flood Risk Assessment (NFRA) process, and help Scotland to understand and prioritise where work could be of most benefit to protect people, properties, businesses, communities, infrastructure and the environment.
Working together to tackle flooding is vital to reduce the impact of flooding on people’s lives, so please take the time to look at the consultation.
Your local knowledge will help us check we’ve got it right, so go online and give us your feedback by Tuesday 31 July.

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Willie Clark (NHWN, Community Engagement Officer, NW Scotland)

SEPA Consultation

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Date: 08/05/2018