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Phishing - Advice on How not to be Caught!

A number of Neighbourhood Watch coordinators have contacted us in the last week to report an increase in 'phishing' e-mails pretending to be from banks. While we're generally all aware of this type of scam, unfortunately people are still caught out.

Below are a few reminders of how to stay safe when banking online.
Never access your bank via a link in an e-mail. Always type in the web address or use a bookmark that you have saved yourself.
Never download an attachment from an e-mail claiming to be from your bank.
Never share your login details in full by e-mail or by telephone. Your bank will never ask you to do this.
Make sure the web address is secure; it should start with 'https'
Be aware of anything suspicious on the website - does it look and act like you expect it to?
Check your bank statements regularly to ensure you are aware of all the activity on your account.
If you think you've mistakenly entered your details in the wrong place, contact your bank immediately.

For more advice, please visit:
Bank Safe Online

We realise that this may seem obvious advice, but it does no harm to be reminded every now and again. Please share this information with anyone you feel would benefit from it.

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Date: 21/03/2013