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Phone Scams

On Friday 2nd June 2017 an 87-year-old male from the Scottish Borders received a missed call from 001843843845 with a message stating that it was HMRC and there was an Arrest Warrant issued for him. He has tried to call the number back but it would not connect. On Saturday afternoon a call has been received from 02037697847 on answering a male described as having a Pakistani accent has stated he was from HMRC and said he was transferring him to a supervisor. Another male has spoke with better English informing him that there was an Arrest Warrant for him. They explained that if he attended at TESCO and purchased £500 in I-Tune gift cards then the Warrant would be cancelled. The male has purchased the vouchers. He has returned home where they have called him back and he has provided them with the card serial numbers. They have thereafter requested a further £1300 in vouchers at which point he has become suspicious and has terminated the call.

In a second scam a resident in the Scottish Borders received a letter claiming that she may be entitled to inheritance that has lay dormant for some time in Asia. The letter is on plain white paper and only provided a contact telephone number in Malaysia and a personal gmail address.

Unfortunately a lot of scams are directed at the elderly and vulnerable in our community and processes that immediately raise suspicions to some are not as obvious to others. Payment by Itunes vouchers or contact details such as gmail address may not raise suspicions if you donít know what they are.

In all circumstances if you have any suspicions at all end the call. Wait at least 5 minutes and if possible use another phone before trying to contact the company back. Never use the number provided always use the number you would usually use to contact the company. Never give any personal details out on the phone.

The following sites provide some excellent advice on how to spot scammers, how to protect yourself and how to protect vulnerable family and friends;

Citizens Advice at

Age UK scams advice at:

Action Fraud A-Z of scams at:

Get Safe Online at

Police Scotland at

Message sent by
Kirsty Neish (Police Scotland, Constable, Scottish Borders)

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Date: 05/06/2017